Spring is here and that means it’s time to start planning your fall food plot. Let Wildgame Innovations make it easy for you with its selection of food plot blends. With six variations to choose from, there’s a Wildgame Innovations blend to fit your needs – and bring in the big bucks right where you want them.

Every Wildgame Innovations food plot blend is made with the company’s motto in mind: “Nutrition, Attraction, and Action!” These blends combine quality nutrition with attraction to provide deer with everything they need for optimal growth and health.


Strike 3, Double Trouble, Backwoods Blend, Clover Rage, Master Plot, Forage Fury

Strike 3 is the ultimate trifecta of highly palatable, easy-to-grow tetraploid annual turnips, ryegrass and clover. Deer won’t be able to resist. This mix of nutrient-dense forage will provide excellent nutrition for the overall health of the herd and will aid in antler growth.

Double your chances with Double Trouble food plot mix. It’s a blend of white clover, which brings in the deer early, and forage rape, which provides sweetness and nutrition to keep them around all year. This is a great blend for the entire hunting season.

When the tractor can’t get to your sweet spot, Backwoods Blend is the food plot mix you need. It’s a special, no-till blend of annual grains and sweet brassicas that deer can’t resist. It’s great for early bow season, dry planting areas and will outlast the harshest of winters.

Deer love clover, and Clover Rage gives them exactly what they want. A mix of select sweet and nutritious clovers with added drought-resistant chicory, Clover Rage is a blend that will deliver forage to some of the toughest conditions out there.

Master Plot raises the bar on what the ultimate food plot should be. It contains a mix of winter peas, forage oats, clover and forage rape to bring you the ultimate food plot for deer. This mix will take your deer herd to the next level.

Create a monster food plot with Forage Fury food plot mix. It’s a special blend of clovers and T Raptor, which is a hybrid cross of forage turnips and rape. Deer won’t be able to stay away from this easy-to-grow blend.

All food plot blends come in convenient 3- or 5-pound bags, which can cover ¼ to ½ acre of land.

Plant Wildgame Innovations food plot blends in your food plots this spring, and get ready for some Nutrition, Attraction and Action!
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