By: Jeff Coxen –  Heavy Hitters Outdoors: Ever since I started hunting, I’ve always been curious about the cause and effect of camouflage. What colors worked better than others, what patterns were more effective and so on. My uncles and friends that I hunted with always wore your typical big box outlet store camo. I always saw a lot of patterns with hard woods foliage and dark colors but rarely anything that fit with my surroundings in Oregon. Coniferous timber was my primary background in high country and the coastal range along with rolling tan colored hills in South Eastern Oregon. I stood out like a dark blob in the east, and in the west there were no light colors to break me up in the already dark timber. Had it not been for the element of surprise or good calling techniques, I would have been busted far too many times, and I got busted a lot on stalks as it was back then.

Jeff Coxen  President and Co-Founder Heavy Hitters Outdoors

Jeff Coxen
President and Co-Founder Heavy Hitters Outdoors

It wasn’t until I got older that I started experimenting with ghille suits and wearing multiple types of camo. The only thing about that is I look like a pieced together hunter and it didn’t always work in every situation. I wanted a camo pattern that could work everywhere. Shortly after my failed experiments, I found ASAT Camo. ASAT” which stands for “All Season All Terrain”, was exactly what I was looking for this whole time. It works in every situation, every type of environment and it stands up to everything I put it through. I have yet to see a camo pattern work in deep timber and turn around and work in snow without having to change outfits and/or patterns. ASAT scientifically works with it’s surrounding environments to reflect the tones it is near.


Ever wonder why all these other camo companies have green in their colors? To make you become a tree or a bush right? But if you think about it, that just darkens your silhouette. The name of the game is to disappear. Nothing disappears better than an animal. Look at deer, elk, rabbits, and grouse for example. None of them are green. They are tan, hints of yellow and black. So why not mimic what they do to survive and turn the tables. I have been a fairly successful hunter in the past but I have worked very hard, too hard in most cases to kill the animals I have.

Rob Smollock: President ASAT Camo

Rob Smollock: President ASAT Camo

Since I started using ASAT, I have at least doubled the amount of animals I’ve seen with half the effort. I worry less about being seen and focus more of my attention on being calm, and relaxed. Before I was always looking to hide behind something, try to conceal my outline and not taking chances to be seen. ASAT allows me to blend into everything around me without worry.

Now it does create issues so it’s not perfect. I lose my cameramen all the time and they are only twenty feet behind me. If I drop something, it’s nearly impossible to find and I have to be selective with my photography so you can see the hunter. But I suppose those are good problems to have.

Ben Guttormosan  VP ASAT Camo

Ben Guttormson National Sales Manager ASAT Camo


I have had friends on the fence about ASAT which is understandable since it’s so different then what you’ve been brainwashed to accept as working camo for all these years, but if this read hasn’t convinced you that ASAT is by far and away the best camo on the market then I dare you to take the ASAT Challenge! You have nothing to lose. If you use ASAT Camo exclusively for 1 year and do not see more game than you ever have wearing any other brand of camo, they will buy it back guaranteed! How’s that for confidence? Take it from me: A western hunter that has hunted everywhere in North America in all types of terrain. You won’t find a better camo…period!

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