Advancements in dipping & cresting brought to you by Bohning Archery! New for 2014 are the Bohning Professional Cresting Kit & the Dip Kit.

In the past Bohning has brought you Cresters, but none on the market come close to competing with the new Professional Crester. Many improvements have been made to ensure this new Crester is the top of the line custom archery tool to decorate your arrows the traditional way. It offers variable speed, 220-440 RPM range on 5/16” shafts, for the perfect rotational speed every time. Features also include: flip-down reversible pattern rest (English & metric), a versatile anodized back rail system for easy tuning & a variety of cresting configurations, a solid hardwood base and convenient 1oz. paint jar storage behind rail. US & International power supplies are available. The Professional Crester is also available in a kit which includes 1 Crester, 6-1 oz. jars of Acry-Lac paint (black, red, yellow, blue, silver, & gold), & 4 paint brushes (hairline, 1/8”, 1/4” & 1/2”).

The Professional Crester

The New Bohning Professional Crester

MSRP Professional Crester $219.99, Kit $249.99

Also new for the traditional archer is the Bohning Dip Kit. The kit includes 1 glass dip tube, 1 arrow hanger, 2 pints of White Acry-Lac & 2 pints of Clear Acry-Lac. The glass dip tube holds up to 4 arrows at a time and accommodates up to 11” crown dip. 3 dip’n plug rings are also included in the kit along with a one-of-a-kind arrow holder which holds 1-4 arrows to dip at once or holds up to 12 at a time. The arrow holder allows the user to hang arrows vertically or use as horizontal drying rack.

New Bohning Dip Kit

New Bohning Dip Kit

MSRP Kit $119.99

All parts for both the Professional Cresting Kit & Dip Kit are available for purchase separately as well.

Bohning Archery is an industry-leading manufacturer of arrow building products, most well-known for the Blazer® vane, Ferr-L-Tite® Adhesive, & Tex-Tite® Wax. Located in Lake City, Michigan since 1946, Bohning stays true to its founding principles and continues to innovate new products that help solve problems in the archery industry. The company also maintains its longstanding commitment to excellence in customer service.
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