I know everyone on the Bowhunting.net team is excited to welcome these great companies to our family:

AMS Bowfishing, Archery Tooling Company, Trophy Pursuit, ASAT Outdoors, Badlands Packs, Lakewood Products and 60X Custom Strings.

Be sure and support these fine companies by buying the great products they manufacture. Remember, they are doing their best to make our job as outdoor enthusiasts easier, safer and more rewarding.


There is no other part of archery that instills more fun and camaraderie than bowfishing. And there is no other company dedicated to the sport of bowfishing like AMS Bowfishing. With nearly 100 years of combined bowfishing experience among the three founders, Jack LaSee, Cindy Braun and Jeff Braun, bowfishing is the sole focus of the company. AMS Bowfishing manufactures products built for the rigorous demands of bowfishing, providing equipment from bowfishing arrows to bowfishing bows to reels built specifically for the sport. Big game equipment for alligators, shark, stingray and other large aquatic species is also part of the product line. When quality, reliability and experience count, you know AMS Bowfishing can deliver. website: www.amsbowfishing.com




It was apparent that the evolution of the modern compound bow required a different way to handle the new high-tech parallel limb and beyond bows. George Gouramanis, the President of Archery Tooling Corporation with 40 year’s experience in design, engineering and producing precision tools and fixtures for manufacturing and over 30 years as an avid bowhunter felt compelled to design a bow press to address these needs. His practical and engineering expertise led him to design the Spikepress bow press. His goal was to provide a safe and effective means for archers and bow technicians to maintain and tune all types of bows. George works closely with pro-shops, bow technicians and archers to gain knowledge pertaining to what is needed to make their jobs easier and more proficient. Archery Tooling Corporation also offers other archery products designed for today’s archer.
Archery Tooling Corporation is based on Long Island, NY and is proud to say that all its products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Website: Archery Tooling Corporation     /    Facebook



Trophy Pursuit is an online hunting and outdoor website that provides viewers the chance to follow along on the yearlong pursuits of team members. Trophy Pursuit is a group of dedicated sportsmen out of the Midwest with a shared passion for a simple concept of bringing up-to-date, entertaining and educational web shows/short videos and regularly updated blogs by team members. Trophy Pursuit strives to maintain an element of ‘now’ in everything they do to ensure quality hunts but also allows them to elaborate on time-sensitive subjects while they are of the most benefit to the viewer. Their blogs and videos are available for all to see as soon after a successful hunt as possible. At Trophy Pursuit, ‘The Hunt Never Ends’… a phrase that really rings true in the way each member lives their lives. When one chapter closes, another begins. If you crave honest hunting excitement you’ll want to follow along on every hunt.

Web site: Trophy Pursuit    On: Facebook



By the time ASAT Camo began back in 1986, Jim Barnhart and hunting buddy Stan Starr Jr. had already come to some definite conclusions about how hunting camouflage should look. ASAT (All Season All Terrain) camo was developed after almost twenty years of exhaustive research in all parts of North America, in all four seasons of the year. What Stan and Jim ultimately did was develop a camo pattern that would be good at all times, in any environment, to fool any game animal or bird.

Today, over 20 years later the same pattern continues to turn hunter’s heads, with it’s light khaki tan background and contrasting, curved striped shapes. Hunters wearing ASAT realize they have effective camo for virtually all conditions – from bright direct sunlight – to the low light of early morning/late evening – to cloudy overcast days and most every hunting condition in between.

Website: ASAT  All Season  All Terrain Camo


Founded in 1994 and celebrating 20 years of continued innovation, Badlands is an industry leader in hunting packs and apparel. Started in a storage shed with only a vision of creating the absolute best packs in the world, Badlands began by creating the most efficient carrying systems available. The focus was to create the most comfortable way to haul the largest loads demanded by hunters and outdoorsmen. By creating new processes and using only the highest quality materials, Badlands made a name by continually progressing and expanding the lineup. With over 30 individual packs available today for any circumstance and the addition of hunting apparel and accessories, Badlands continues to innovate and bring the products that hunters demand. The year 2014 and 2015 will usher in the addition of the Badlands Ascent Series Sleep Systems as well as a new Badlands Tactical line of packs.

Website:  Badlands Packs
Facebook:  Badlands Packs Facebook



Handcrafted by skilled manufacturers, Lakewood™ Products, combines quality, durability, convenience and affordability to produce a full line of hunting cases & tackle boxes designed “For the sportsman, by the sportsman.” Made entirely in the U.S.A., Lakewood™ Products offer a wide variety of hunting cases, fishing & tackle cases, archery & bow cases, and sport cases with the outdoors in mind. Whether you’re a serious archer, gun enthusiast, or an avid fisherman, Lakewood™ sport cases & tackle boxes, with their hybrid soft/hard design, provide the best of both worlds: A soft, water repellent exterior and a durable rigid interior. All Lakewood™ sport cases are designed to float…even while fully loaded.  Now is the time to protect your hunting, fishing and specialty gear. Now is the time for Lakewood Products…Extreme Cases For The Sportsman!

Website: Lakewood Cases





3 time world and 5 time national champion Brad Patsy founded 60X Custom Strings with a goal to provide the best possible products at the best possible price for both target archers & bowhunters. With over a dozen world titles and over 50 national championships since 2001, 60X Custom Strings are known for unmatched quality and performance. 60X Custom Strings has become the industry leader providing top quality and reliable precision made strings to OEM bow companies, distributors, dealers/retailers and retail customers worldwide. With our state of the art production facility and proprietary equipment and processes we are able to build the best strings available today while keeping prices affordable for everyone from the weekend bowhunter to the tournament archer that competes worldwide.

Website:  60xcustomstrings.com
Facebook: Facebook