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Dead Ringer Trauma Hits Hard on Turkeys!

When Dead Ringer Hunting partnered with the guys at TrophyPursuit.Com we knew we had a bunch of killers on board. What was about to unfold, we had no idea. This spring alone, as of the publish date of this newsletter, the guys at Trophy Pursuit have taken down 59 birds and 37 of them have been with the Dead Ringer Trauma. The Trauma is not like any other broadhead on the market. The huge cutting diameter is adjustable! 2.5″ all the way to 3.125″. Number one frustration on Turkeys… losing your bird to a well placed shot. No longer! With the hand sharpened, spring stainless steel blades that are the toughest in the industry and tested to 185,000 ft. lbs. of shear strength are partnered with the T-6 aluminum ferrule, bone shattering chisel tip, your hunting confidence will never be higher. Don’t believe us… watch them drop on camera for the proof! See the Proof!