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Rinnnggg! My iPhone alarm brought on the pre dawn get ready for turkey hunting in Nebraska. I knocked on Fred Lutger’s door and he grunted a “Getting up” sound. We got ready and went downstairs to drink some coffee. The wind was howling and frost was on the truck. We walked to the blind in the picked corn field and put out the decoys and got inside.

Soon we heard the awakening talk of the wild turkeys roosted in the big cottonwood trees downhill and toward the river.


Soon the sun shown its light on the corn stubble ahead of us and the turkey talk slowly came closer. A combination of hens, jakes and mature gobblers entered the field. It was my turn to shoot and Fred was running the video camera.

Fred was busy, wild turkeys came into the field at a handful of places. I called sporadically, watching the gobblers in view to see if any showed interest.

Fred was videoing a group of wild turkeys out in the field and to 100 yards to our left.  I gave them a few yelps and clucks, they were more interested in the hens out ahead of them.


I noticed two longbeards coming off the hill across the field above the far right corner of the field. When they stepped into the corn stubble I yelped sharply in their direction. One popped into full strut. I cut at him immediately and shut up.

Both gobblers were now in full strut and the one on the right broke into a trot … towards the decoys. I picked up my bow and pushed the light on my Sure Loc bowsight and my sight pins glowed brightly. I looked up and the first gobbler was already at the decoys. He bumped the hen decoy and I drew. The second longbeard came up behind the gobbler and decoys and I paused until they were not directly behind one another. I aimed carefully.

And shot.

The shot looked good and the gobbler ran and stumbled into the middle of the field.


A group of  Jakes attacked the gobbler and pummeled him on the run.


More Jakes and a couple of gobblers joined in as the gobbler got to the strip of woods on the edge of the field. The attackers continued the thrashing and focused my binoculars on the area and I continued to watch.

I needed to wait and see this situation play out before going to collect my gobbler.

Fred and I talked this over but not for long. More longbeards were entering the field. And things were gonna get even better.