The Tiny-W3 camera system from Spypoint is an excellent choice for hunters who want to avoid disturbing their hunting spots because with the Tiny-W3 two unit system it is possible to view photos via the BLACKBOX™-D controller and remotely control the settings of the cameras. The transmission distance between the camera and the BLACKBOX™-D extends up to 500ft.


It is also possible to combine up to 10 cameras to the BLACKBOX™ (additional TINY-PLUS cameras, sold separately). Each installed camera is identified differently in the BLACKBOX™, which greatly facilities the utilization.

Tiny-W2 Camera back.

Tiny-W3 Camera back.

Tiny-W2 Blackbox-D



The SPYPOINT® TINY-W3 INVISIBLE LEDs trail camera captures 10-megapixel color photos by day and black-and-white photos at night and 10 to 90 seconds of High Definition (HD) video with sound. The Tiny-W3’s ultra-compact design (4.7 “W x 3.5” H x 2.7″D) makes it easy to conceal anywhere. The camera has a sliding support to facilitate the handling. The 3 sensors covering a total of 7 zones will give you an ultra fast trigger speed and the distance detection sensor can be adjusted from 5′ to 65′.

The multi-shot mode allows up to 6 pictures per detection. Date, time, temperature (°C/°F), and moon phase can be stamped and printed on each photo. A removable SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB, not included) is required to store images and footage from the TINY-W3, and is also required for the controller. Each unit has an incredible battery life when powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries and even longer when using the rechargeable lithium battery pack (sold separately). The charge of the lithium battery pack can be maintained using an optional solar panel. Each unit has a 12V/solar panel jack and the camera also has an external trigger jack. The following accessories are included: 2 installation straps, USB cable, audio-video cable and quick start guide.

Main features:

  •   Wireless photo transmission to BLACKBOX™-D (500 ft)
  •   Combine up to 10 cameras to a single BLACKBOX™-D
  •   View pictures and control all camera settings from the BLACKBOX™-D
  •   BLACKBOX™-D controller and backup system included
  •   Compatible with the REMOS™ technology
  •   3 sensors covering a total of 7 detection range zones
  •   10 Megapixels
  •   38 LEDs
  •   Invisible LEDs
  •   HD video with sound recording
  •   2.4″ viewing screen for each unit
  •   Ultra-tiny size: 4.7″ W x 3.5″ H x 2.7″ D

For more information on the Tiny-W3 and the complete line of trail and surveillance camera systems please go to: Spypoint