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By: Greg Hopf  National Pro-Staff Director Dead Ringer Hunting

By: Greg Hopf
National Pro-Staff Director
Dead Ringer Hunting

A hybrid broadhead is a combination of two types of broadheads that have been used by hunters for many years. The original type of broadhead was a fixed blade with 2 cutting surfaces that can be traced back to when arrows were first made. These broadheads, crafted from stone or flint, had 2 cutting edges designed to cut upon contact. This broadhead was used until the advent of metal broad heads, which eventually evolved from 2 blade heads into 3, which provided more cutting surface. These were the only options for hunters until the late 1980’s when mechanical broad heads were introduced.

A mechanical broadhead shoots like a field tip in a closed position and is designed for accuracy. Upon impact or entry, the blades open, creating a large wound channel. This design’s main advantage is that a mechanical broadhead shoots more accurately than a fixed blade broad head which has a tendency to shoot differently than the practice field tips hunters use when sighting in or practicing.

A known disadvantage of a mechanical broadhead is the blade’s weakness, and it not opening when it hits the target. Another common complaint is that upon a hard angle hit, many mechanical broad heads not only do not open correctly, but they deflect upon entry into the target or when hitting bone.
This is the ongoing debate between hunters as to which type of broadhead is best to use, and most are not willing to change their opinion.

There is no doubt that there are many broadheads on the market, both fixed blade, and mechanical, that are very effective for hunting, so it is understandable that bow hunters are reluctant to change from their current broadhead to a new one. It’s difficult to convince a fixed blade shooter to try shooting a mechanical broad head or to convince a mechanical broadhead shooter to try a fixed blade broadhead. This stalemate existed until the introduction of the Rampage hybrid broadhead by Dead Ringer Hunting. So, just what is a hybrid broadhead?

A hybrid broadhead is a combination of the best of both worlds. This broadhead that shoots like a mechanical one for accuracy, and yet cuts on contact like a fixed blade for a guaranteed cut and wound channel. It then opens to provide an even wider cut and wound channel. It is this combination that gives credence to Dead Ringer’s claim that “Failure Is Not An Option.” Every Rampage hybrid broadhead provides a fixed blade cut of 7/8” which is the minimum cut that all states’ game laws require. Although highly unlikely, if the Rampage hybrid head were to fail to open, it would still provide a 7/8’ cut which is more than adequate to provide a fatal shot from a well placed arrow. This is true for both the Rampage 2 and 3 blade models. Once they have entered their target the mechanical operation of the Rampage takes over and the broadhead opens to a cutting diameter of 1.5” to 2.0” depending on the model selected. Once opened, the Rampage provides a huge cutting surface like that of a fixed blade broadhead.


The advantage of a hybrid broad head is simple; it shoots like a mechanical with field point accuracy and it hits like a fixed blade for a guaranteed cut upon entrance. Finally, it opens like a mechanical blade to provide a maximum cut and wound channel.

An additional advantage of the Rampage hybrid broadhead is that it is made with aluminum feral, and tipped with a case hardened steel trocar tip, and the blades are the toughest on the market today. Like other blades, they are made from 0.32 stainless steel, but the difference is that the Rampage is made with stainless spring steel. Spring steel has a tensile strength of 182.000 psi. These blades may bend, but they will not break like other blades, resulting in fewer deflected shots that often occur with weaker broadhead blades.

Dead Ringer’s rigorous testing process of the Rampage broadheads, shot through steel barrels, wood and glass has proven that not only do they penetrate the toughest materials, but they perform exactly as they are designed to perform.

Rampage broadheads have been featured on several national hunting shows including “White Tail Freaks”, “Adrenaline Junkies”, and “Dressed to Kill”, and have been extremely effective at taking all kinds of big game, from whitetail deer to the African Plains game animals.

Whether you’re a diehard fixed blade or mechanical broadhead shooter, the Rampage Hybrid broadhead will give you the advantages of both types. Bow hunters around the world agree with Dead Ringer Hunting that “Failure Is Not An Option”, and that is why they’re using the new Rampage. It’s time for you to give the Rampage broadhead a try and decide for yourself. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Be safe and good hunting!

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