By: Brian Smith

Above The Game is very excited to announce a partnership with Wind Pro. The Wind Pro Mock Scrape System has documented results like no other in the industry. Five years of whitetail trail cam testing prove our products produce results time and time again.

Simply place a few puffs of the Powder on the ground and on licking branches The Wind Pro Mock Scrape system will attract Mature Whitetails and keep the coming back.


I start during the pre season using the Dominant Buck to get the Does hitting these sites. Then as the rut approaches I use both the Dominant Buck and Doe Estrus until the end of the season. I puff the Dominant Buck on my boots walking in to my set as a cover scent as well as a scent trail.

  • You will be amazed utilizing this system combined with trail cams.
  • You will see more deer and this system keeps them coming back.
  • The Wind Pro Mock Scrape System has been Proven To Attract Mature Whitetails
  • Make Mock Scrapes or add to existing scrapes
  • Synthetic, No Shelf Life
  • Works In All Weather Conditions
  • Clip And Cary Convenience
  • Works on Decoy Set Ups
  • Wind Pro Attractants, Cover Scents and Wind Indicators

For more please go to: The Wind Pros

and Above the Game for the ultimate in bowhunting excitement