Barnett Crossbows, an industry leader in crossbow design and manufacturing, has pushed the boundaries with the RAZR. The RAZR is the most innovative and technologically advanced crossbow on the market with five years of design and execution behind it.

The RAZR is the perfect marriage of efficiency, speed, balance and power. Weighing just 6.5 pounds, the RAZR produces speeds up to 400 fps. The industry’s only titanium and carbon stock paired with Barnett’s proprietary Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), drastically reduces weight while ensuring long lasting strength and performance second to none.

Another industry first, the RAZR comes with a second set of light tracks specifically made for the smaller diameter arrows, further enhancing speed.

The reverse cam system increases the speed and power stroke without extending the overall length of the bow, while the retractable underarm support system adds counterbalance stability to the rear of the bow. This innovation gives the RAZR the most balanced feel of any crossbow on the market.

Crosswire® premium crossbow strings blend Barnett’s fibers with the industry’s toughest-serving materials, resulting in the most stable and reliable string in the industry. The MIM (Metal Injection Molding) trigger contains the added safety precaution of the ADF “Anti-Dry Fire” feature, eliminating unintentional dry firing of the RAZR. MIM components allow for a smooth 3.5 lb pull.


Barnett Crossbows designed the RAZR with preparedness in mind. Taking that into account, the RAZR features a skinning knife magnetically attached and stored in a hidden compartment on the bottom of the stock. And, for the hunter who has ever had string problems in the field, the RAZR comes standard with an extra set of strings and cables stored in the underside of the foregrip. The foregrip also features a pass through grip design and integrated finger guards to maximize safety.

Leading the industry with never-before-seen features and revolutionary specs, the RAZR is a must-have for any crossbow hunter.

Features at a glance:

  •   Ultralight CRT© (Carbonlite) Riser
  •   100% Carbon Stock With Titanium Lining
  •   Reverse Cam System
  •   Fold Out Support System
  •   Integrated Skinning Knife
  •   Adjustable Flight Tracks
  •   Barnett Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
  •   ADF (Anti Dry Fire) Trigger Safety System
  •   MIM (Metal Injection Mold) Tight Tolerance Trigger
  •   CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  •   CNC Machined 7/8″ Picatinny Rail
  •   CROSSWIRE String and Cable System
  •   Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling
  •   Rope Cocking Device included
  •   Allows for the Integration of a Crank Cocking Device
  •   Adjustable Cheek Piece
  •   Finger Guards Pass Through Foregrip


  •   6.5 lbs weight
  •   34.75″ length
  •   21.5″ width
  •   22″ arrow length
  •   400 fps
  •   185 lb draw weight
  •   142 ft. lbs energy
  •   16″ power stroke

From its inception, over a half century ago, Barnett Crossbows has led the industry with pioneering innovations and patents to become the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Barnett’s engineers have created its latest range of crossbows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Lightweight, adjustable and powerful, Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today. Barnett is committed to delivering high quality performance products with unparalleled service and value for all that use the Barnett Range. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and Built for the Hunt!

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