This year I set up some new blinds that I could take pictures from. This morning I watched an area that has tall grass. However the main attraction, to the deer, is the native plants that grow around this area; bucks, does and fawns browse on them every year.

Fifteen minutes after good daylight this morning, I saw a young buck walking in my direction.


I took another picture of him when he got to the edge of the high grass. As I watched him plod on by I noticed another deer.


Apparently this deer came into the tall grass from the opposite side because I hadn’t noticed it. Until now!
And when I got sight of his rack stuck down in those blades of grass, I knew that this deer was definitely worth noticing.


This new buck moved along slowly, browsing on the indigenous growth.


It took a couple of minutes for him to get where I could get a better look at his rack. He had 5 points on the side closest to me.



Fortunately, he came our of the grass where I could see him. I took his picture right away.


He looked around and I got another picture with his head and antlers at a different angle.


And then he walked away, dissapearing in the tall grass and brush.


This is my first time to take photos from this particular blind. And it worked out good. Right now this buck is a 10 pointer.And he has six or more weeks for his main beams to get a bit longer and his tines to get taller. And who knows, maybe he can wind up with 12 points. We’ll see. Actually, this particular buck is wider than you can tell from the pictures. He’s a dandy and I’ll keep an eye out for him.