New Dead Ringer is the 23-diameter precision instrument for 3D and indoor, world-class compound competition. Featuring high-strength carbon construction for enhanced durability in tough target materials, precise straightness, and the industry’s best spine tolerances, proven UNI nock system and a variety of component weights for the right tune. Dead Ringer is the fast and forgiving path to the title.

By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

A 23-diameter arrow designed for 3D, indoor and world-class compound competition. Made of carbon the 3DEADRINGERS are tough competition for other shafts of the same size.

According to the Easton and the Beman sites, the 3Deadringers are .1 grain heavier than the Fat Boys except for the 340 which are .2 grains heavier per inch. The weight tolerances are better by +/1 .5 grains. Both have a straightness tolerance of .003. Both arrows are almost the same arrow minus these few differences. Enhancing these arrows is the UNI nock system and a variety of component weights for making tuning just right.


Some specs on the 3DEADRINGERs are:

  • Arrow sizes: 340 8.5 grains/inch, 400 with 7.9 grains/inch and 500 with 7.2 grains/inch
  • Straightness: ± .003’
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 1.5 grains
  • The S or UNI bushing is installed.

I found these shafts to provide consistency when shooting and durability when slapping them next to each other. I used these a few times during 3D and found them to again fly well and hold up to other shooters slapping next to them. The 23-diameter allows you to grab those lines when you are close unlike your regular sized shafts.

In closing if you are looking to check out another large diameter arrow to shoot competition outdoors or indoors the new Beman 3DeadRingers are well worth trying out. Cost for a dozen seem to be right around $125.00.

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