By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

With today’s technology and materials it was only time before companies would produce a bow that would grow with a child until he or she was able to buy their own bow. Coming from a dad of three boys this looks like a great proposition. In the beginning Bear came out with the Apprentice and now the Apprentice III, Diamond with its Infinite Edge etc… I was glad to see what QUEST had to offer and it seems to have been worth the wait.

The RADICAL was introduced in 2014 as a youth bow or a bow for those just getting just getting started the sport. With its adjustability and quality construction the RADICAL filled that bill well.
The RADICAL features, like its big brothers and sisters, a forged 6061 aluminum riser, a no bow press needed adjustable cam design and the Durafuse finish. Also, the adjustable string suppression stop. There are two standard finishes available with this bow, RealtreeAP and Realtree AP Purple which seems to be a favorite of the girls.


For a bow that is adjustable from 15lbs to 70lbs this bow is sturdy, shoots well and is smooth when drawing. IBO for this bow is a surprisingly 295 fps. Realize this is in perfect conditions, full 30” draw and the bow cranked up to 70 lbs. The bow is compact and has a 29 1/4” axle to axle. Great for tight places and small hands. Brace height is 7 1/8” which makes it a fairly forgiving bow and light enough for youth at a mere 3 1/4 pounds. Draw length on the RADICAL starts at 15” and extends out to a 30” this is where a couple of the competitors fall short.

Unlike some of the other youth or ready to shoot bows that feature low line sights and arrow rests on their bows Quest always steps it up a notch and actually put decent accessories on a their bows. This is no exception with the RADICAL. It has a sight that seems to pick up light well and it was decent in low light. The arrow rest is again pretty decent as well. An in-line peep is provided and although I find with young archers, it is hard to serve these in properly yet allow for growth. So, maybe a rubber tube peep for a while. Then again teaching them shoot without a peep is not a bad thing either.


As a bow technician I find the bow easy to work on and even though this bow notes it doesn’t need a press, there are times when an adjustment screw gets behind a limb and a press is needed. I also do not want anyone to think you can change strings without a press either. You will need a press to take off or put on a string. Draw length is easily changed by moving the screws in the modules to the corresponding number. Make sure both cams are on the same setting. Then set your draw stop. Like other bows the poundage is set by loosening or tightening the limb screws. Overall, shooting was impressive. While the longer brace height does allow for forgiveness in shooting, you do sacrifice some speed. Still, the quoted IBO of 295 you can still hunt most if not all North American animals.


The G5/Quest RTH (Ready To Hunt) packages does seem to give you a better arrow rest and sight then other manufacturers but you do pay for that upgrade. The RADICAL lists for $329.00 to $399.99. I know BassPro sells it for around $349.00 which seems to be the average price at this time. This is a bow a child can grow with and then sell or pass down to their brother or sister. The Radical is a great bow for beginners and hits the bulls eye on quality and adjust-ability.

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