Huntforce500, the leading worldwide provider of trail camera software, today announced the new features and enhancements of its already stellar platform. The latest release from features an exciting line-up of new enhancements, which allows hunters to efficiently initiate actions, study deer more thoroughly and track big bucks more effectively. Together, with the already
established program and features, these innovations will significantly extend the ability of hunters to manage their trail cams and have increased opportunities to harvest the buck of a lifetime.

From Insight to Action with HuntForce HuntForce listened to its users and executed. Since the launch of the new enhancements, users have embraced the new features and have commented on the ease, functionality and the overall dependability Huntforce now provides. “Huntforce has reached a milestone in a very short time in its capabilities with the latest release,” said Jeff Danker, Creator and Co-Host of both Major League Bowhunter and Buckventures.

“We are excited and very pleased to be using Huntforce, with these new improvements, our job is to provide great television for our fans by harvesting big mature bucks. HuntForce gives us the ability to study and factor in all the elements of hunting that at the end produces big, mature bucks. Which is exactly what are viewers want to see.”


Some of the key enhancements include:

• Enhanced Upload Feature: Allows users to seamlessly upload photos at an extremely fast rate.
• Weather: Users can compare historical and forecasted weather stats and pick the perfect area every time.
• Enhanced View: Users can now get a quick view of how deer are moving at a property level, a camera location level and even at an individual deer level.
• Information Management: Users can now correct and manage time, date and year stamps from their trail cams if they are set incorrectly.

About HuntForce:
HuntForce was developed for all trail cam users to solve a fundamental problem all users experience with their photo scouting-too much time wasted downloading and sorting photos instead of time spent hunting. From that core solution, HuntForce has continued to implement features that allow users vast amounts of data spread across many areas to make it easier to track and ultimately kill trophy bucks.
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