When the light was so dim that the deer were only shadows two yet unidentified deer came down the hill to the east and meandered in my direction. By the time they got into my immediate area it was good photo daylight.

I immediately recognized the unique rack of the Y2K buck and was extremely pleased when he stopped to look around right where I could get a good picture.


I twisted a little zoom on my camera and took another good picture. Y2K is standing by a younger buck with small first year antlers. I can see black showing up on the hocks of Y2K.


Y2K was with the A-Frame buck and it is still in velvet. I framed them up in the camera viewfinder and took a picture that really shows off the “Y” shaped brow tine that made me give this buck the name Y2K.


Zoooommmm. Can you see it better now?


Seconds later both Y2K and A-Frame walked out of my sight to the right. Judging from where they were I guessed that they were walking to the nearby spring I nicknamed the H2O site. I think they intended to get a last minute drink before they turned in for the day.


A few minutes passed and A-Frame came back and traveled to the north. Actually Y2K was nearby, walking inside the woods line.


It is definitely a big day in my life in the deer woods. Y2K shed his velvet. And I was there right afterward. Ohhhh Yeaaaa!