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DirtNap Gear Delivers Accurate Broadheads

DirtNap Gear, a new manufacture of the strongest, sharpest, and most accurate broadhead on the market today. As a newcomer to the broadhead industry, DirtNap Gear has taken broadhead science to a whole new level offering an incredibly accurate, tunable broadhead. As bowhunters, the DirtNap Gear Team knows the disappointments brought on by inferior broadheads. No longer will this be the case when using the D.R.T. broadheads.

A new patent pending modular weight system (MWS) allows the bowhunter the versatility of modifying his or hers desired Front of Center (FOC), merely by changing the broadhead’s weight modules. Bowhunters can find the perfect arrow spine, for the best arrow flight, increased accuracy, and better kinetic energy. A Teflon coated 1.21 inch main blade and a .63 inch bleeder blade provide a 1.84 inches of cutting surface. The D.R.T. fixed blade heads are designed for No-Fail performance with superior durability and are backed by a lifetime warranty. From the moment you hold a D.R.T. broadhead, you’ll know it is a quality broadhead for serious bowhunters. Tom Addleman, founder of the Dirt Nap Gear D.R.T. broadheads said, “It all started with our wanting to make something better. We felt so strongly about our D.R.T. heads being the very best and strongest on the market, that we knew we had to offer a lifetime warranty. The guarantee is simple, if you break, bend or have a problem with any of our broadheads, send it to us and we will replace it!” The D.R.T. broadheads are available in a variety of different colors to pop with bows and string combinations; black, orange, red, pink and neon green. Addleman added, “Keep looking to DirtNap Gear, there are more exciting things to come.”

For more information on DirtNap Gear, their D.R.T. broadheads,  or to know more, please go to:  DirtNap Gear  or call them at 855-859-3478

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