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By: Ariel McCracken

By: Ariel McCracken

We’ve all been there before—woke up before the crack of dawn, climbed into our tree stands to get settled in for your big hunt ahead, waited patiently for any activity, and quickly gotten busted by the first deer that made its way towards your stand. Off he runs, waving his tail goodbye, and you sit there thinking to yourself, “I know I didn’t move!”

You reminisce on how this deer, or any other small or big game, sensed your presence when you know you were sitting still and stabilized with no movement. If you’ve always wondered why this frustrating phenomenon often occurs, especially at the most inconvenient times, the explanation will certainly help clarify things. Animals sense EM signals, or electromagnetic energy. Just as living creatures emit a measurable electrical energy signal, the human body, too, emits an electrical energy signal that animals easily detect. Through muscle movement and the beating of the heart, electrical energy fields are created and emitted, even if you do not realize it, which explains why you often get busted by the game species you are hunting—even if you think you are being a statue, such as when you experience the inevitable “buck fever”.

HECS realizes how vital it is to mask these electrical energy signals so that you can be nearly undetectable to the game species you are hunting. As a result, HECS created a unique technology which uses a carbon fiber conductive grid to block your EM field, called the HECS Stealthscreen.

HECS Stealthscreen is a revolutionary design which works like the grid on your microwave door—that’s right, HECS blocks the wavelengths of your human electromagnetic energy itself. The size of the mesh grid is crucial to effectively blocking human electrical energy signal and through exhaustive testing, was created specifically to block the wavelengths of the human energy signal and effectively block human electrical energy waves just as the much smaller grid in the door of your microwave works to block microwaves.

The conductive carbon fiber grid that serves to block the electrical energy signal that you are constantly emitting, is integrated into the fabric, for all HECS suits and garments. The conductive carbon fiber is completely flexible, so at times you may not even realize its there. The unique fabric is incredibly lightweight and breathable, and is machine washable. The carbon fiber is actually woven into the fabric, so it will not wash out or wear out over time, which extends the overall longevity of your HECS suit.

HECS will not act as an invisibility cloak and make you completely disappear in the woods. It will not magically eliminate your scent or stop animals from seeing your exaggerated movements. However, HECS will prevent animals from sensing your naturally emitting, EM signals and will allow you to have the ultimate hunting experience, shielding you from being busted when you are provided with the perfect shot! It is big game and bird game effective–allowing for optimal, up-close and personal, hunting experiences each and every time.

HECS 3-suits are available in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity and Realtree Xtra with pants, shirt and facemask.

HECS 3-suits are available in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity and Realtree Xtra with pants, shirt and facemask.

The HECS Stealthscreen is available in a variety of products, including a 3-piece HECS Suit. The 3-piece HECS Suit comes equipped with a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and face mask in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern. The fabric is Ultra Lightweight and breathable, composed of 14% carbon yarn and 86% polyester. Because of the lightweight breathablity, the suit can be worn by itself as an outer layer for warmer climates, or worn as an undergarment layer for colder hunting climates and seasons, which makes for a very versatile hunting suit. The shirt comes equipped with a breast pocket and the pants also include two standard pockets. The pants fit comfortably and allow for maximum adjustability with a superior quality elastic waistband, with an internal drawstring to ensure a perfect fit. The pants are also designed with hemmed, elastic ankle cuffs which are excellent for keeping your pants from riding up when putting on boots or more layers. Included in the 3-piece suit is the face mask, which is lightweight and has an elastic band on the rear for a close, comforting fit to your head. The entire outfit is machine washable, just tumble dry and use your favorite hunting detergent when washing. The 3-piece HECS Suit is available in five different sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. It is recommended that you purchase the suit to fit your shirt size, as the pants are adjustable with a drawstring cord. A sizing chart is available for viewing online at:

There are also other HECS products available to complete your entire HECS Suit gear package, including a HECS Hat and HECS Gloves. The HECS cap is made from the same HECS Stealthscreen material, which is lightweight and breathable.  The hat features the HECS logo on the front and back and is equipped with a velcro back to allow for optimal adjustability. The HECS Gloves are also composed of the same material, and are one-size, thin stretch fit gloves that can be worn alone, or used as a liner under an additional set of gloves, should you desire more layering.

When I received my HECS Suit, gloves, and hat at the 2014 ATA Trade Show in Nashville, TN, I was very intrigued and anxious to try the suit out on all of my various hunts. I am an avid turkey and waterfowl hunter, as well as big game hunter. I knew I would be able to put my HECS Suit and gear to the test for numerous game species hunts, which was a thrill. Each hunt I set out on, I made sure that I had my HECS Suit on as my base layer, each time, and although I had many experiences of getting up-close and personal with the aid of my HECS Suit blocking my electro energy signals, there were a few which really blew my mind and truly demonstrated how well the HECS Suit shielded those naturally emitting EM signals of mine!

I remember wearing my HECS Suit on the first day of archery season and while I was sitting in my tree stand, out of nowhere, one by one, I had chicadees flocking to my stand–and by flocking I mean joining me on my hunt as they perched on the rails of my stand. I remember the birds looking at me with slight confusion as they appeared to not understand what was going on, but they were never deterred by my presence, and had flown away naturally after the loud sound of metal being struck off in the distance. Another memorable instance was when I was archery hunting out of state with my fiance. There was another guy who had climbed up into a tree about 50 yards away from us later on in the day. Before too long, we had three does coming up from behind us and they were headed straight towards the guy beside us. The guy was making subtle, but noticeable movements and the deer were instantly spooked and ran towards us–and kept coming closer! The deer were never spooked and kept looking around but were not afraid, as they calmly meandered below us. I even had the opportunity to stand up, pull back and take a broadside shot at the one.


My HECS Suit aided me in harvesting my very first archery harvest…a 7 point buck!

My HECS Suit aided me in harvesting my very first archery harvest…a 7 point buck!

My HECS Suit also aided me on a recent, successful archery hunt, the week before the end of the season, where I harvested my very first animal with a bow–and a buck, to boot! I had spotted this buck below me and he kept coming towards me–and fast. I didn’t have much time to prepare and had to be weary of my movements and control my “buck fever” sensations as he was headed right towards me! He hung out below me for a few moments and had even looked up at me a time or two..before coming even closer! I cautiously stood up, pulled back, and made the broadside shot at him about 25 yards away, where he had only gone about 70 yards before dropping. My HECS Suit definitely changed the way I saw animals in the wild…and the way that they saw me!

Diane experienced the same type of opportunity for success, being camouflaged in every way including electrical charges by wearing the HECS suit. Her black bear never sensed anything out of the ordinary and walked right in and settled into eat, within 15-20 yards. Even as the crossbow bolt struck, the bear was completely unaware of Diane’s presence in the tree! HECS works!

Ladies in Camo's Diane Hassinger is another convert convinced that to take hunting to the next level, you just have put on your HEC.

Ladies in Camo’s Diane Hassinger is another convert convinced that to take hunting to the next level, you just have put on your HEC.

Another success story is that of Sarah taking her first buck during the opening day of Pennsylvania rifle season. She was sitting in a ground blind with a blaze orange triangular sign marking the area. Both Sarah and Diane were wearing HECS when the deer walked across the field to within 25 yards.He calmly nibbled on a few tufts of grass and seemed to not have a care in the world. This was also

the first day of Sarah hunting as a licensed hunter, and she was able to take her time and put a great shot on her buck. I truly believe that HECS was able to give her those few moments of non-detection and allow her the time to wait for the perfect shot.

Sara, a new hunter made successful because of HECS:

Sarah, a new hunter made successful because of HECS:

The 3-piece HECS Suit is available online for an MSRP of $159.99 (included with the online suit purchase is a free HECS DVD). The MSRP of the HECS Hat is $19.99 and the MSRP of the HECS Gloves is $24.99. Check out HECS on Amazon for latest pricing, more reviews, and additional information – or to see the full line of HECS Stealthscreen products and detailed information about the HECS technology go to