Alexis Goes to ATA

By Alexis Seibert
Feb 15, 2007
Sponsored by BowTech Archery.


Hi again!

This is Alexis (Boo) Seibert.

Wow!, I just spent an exciting time at the ATA Show in Atlanta from the World Congress Center and would like to share my experience it with you. This was my first time to the ATA and I had a great time!

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I first got into the show, there were huge glass windows looking down at the gigantic show below. It was huge! I wondered how we would find our way around! It seemed to have absolutely every company you could ever imagine in archery there! I was so excited to see the show when we went down to escalators. Thanks to Gary from Slick Trick Broadheads and Russ Freeman from Cobra for helping us go.

Give me some chalk and I’m in advertising.

It seemed never ending! It surely wasn’t the small shows we had seen back home! We didn’t go looking around right away. We instead went to work in the Slick Trick Broadheads booth. Gary let me draw up a picture on the dry erase board , so I drew a picture of the Slick Trick logo and a deer for them. Daddy and Josh got out and sold the Slick Tricks with Gary, while me and Jamie the Slick Trick manager took the orders. It was actually a lot of fun and me and Jamie got along well.

Don Priebe of HindSight.

After working the booth for a while me, my Daddy, and Josh decided to look around to check out the show and meet some of my sponsors. It was so huge we didn’t know where to start! Finally we decided just to go from one side of the show and make our way to the other. It was exciting meeting Don Priebe from Hind Sight. I feel if it were not for him I would not be as interested in Archery. His sights have made it so much fun to shoot. I plan on hunting with my Hind Sight this year.
Along one row of booths were the Sur-Loc sights and sight bars. I looked at them wishing I could get a sight bar like that for my tournament bow. Daddy pointed out the Sur-Loc Supreme sight bar to me. It was sweet looking and looked much better than the old Toxonics sight bar I had been shooting.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if they sponsored you?” My daddy said.
“Yeah that would be cool!” I said.

We went to the ASA booth where my Coach Dee Falks was working.
“How do you like the show?” he asked
“It’s awesome!” was my response.

After seeing almost half of the show me and Daddy came to a table where Hank Parker, Jimmy Houston, and Harold Knight were sitting signing autographs. I grabbed one of my Bucks Ducks and More magazines that I was on and asked them to sign it for me. All of them were very nice. They noticed my picture on the cover and congratulated me for getting into the archery business so early. We walked on to the next booth which was one of my very favorite sponsors, Block Targets. I was so excited to be there and had been trying to meet Amy McCarthy forever since she has taken such good care of me. The booth was huge! Carpet was laid down with targets of all sizes all over. Cameras were set up in front of a small log cabin set up.

Just milling around waiting for the cameras to roll at the Block Party
They were filming the Block party Target commercial once again and this was the first time I’d ever seen it. Daddy and I went on looking for Amy McCarthy. We met another awesome lady working for Block targets named Wanda who found Amy. I shook hands with her and thanked her for all the support her company has given me.

Amy told me since I was a member of the block team I should be in the commercial.
Amy walked over and talked to the man who was shooting the commercial. When she came back to me she told me “You’re in”.

“Cool!” I said. Now this was exciting. I am joining the Block Party.

Most of the famous people from the Outdoor Channel were coming over to get in the commercial. Josh my cousin spotted Lee and Tiffany Lakosky from the TV Show ‘Getting Close’, who were also coming over to be in it. I grabbed a Sur-Loc hat and got it signed by both of them.

It’s little me with Lee and Tiffany from the TV Show Getting Close. More and more people were coming over to see the Block commercial being filmed. I then saw Mark and Terry Drury and got their autograph as well. They were about to film the commercial so I got in the back. I was standing by T-bone, Babe Winkleman and Lee and Tiffany.

Here I am with Greg Miller, Terry Drury , Stan Potts
“Is Michael Waddell going to be in the commercial too?” I asked “I think he’s supposed to be.” T-bone told me.

I stood there and waited for them to tell us what were supposed to do. Chuck Adams was standing up at a grill with David Blanton who was wearing an apron and a chef’s hat. Of course we all had to tease him about that! I was expecting to stand in the back where I was until one of the men working on the commercial pulled me up and told me to stand up front right in between Chuck Adams and David Blanton!

Getting ready for Block Party with David Blanton flipping burgers as Chuck Adams and I watch.

“To tell you the truth I have no clue what they want me to do.” I said “Well that makes two of us,” said David.
They started filming when I said to both of them, “I thought for sure Michael Waddell was going to be in the commercial.”

“Oh no!” said David “Michael is a big sissy! He can’t pick up a bow!”
“Yeah” said Chuck “All those deer you see him shoot are all done with computer and camera tricks!”
They were wearing out Michael and we were laughing and having a great time picking on Waddell!

Tiffany jumped in and told us? “You guys have got to get a new subject!”

The shoot was over sooner than I thought it would be. It was so cool and I can’t wait to see the commercial on the Outdoor Channel!

After that we did make it over to the Realtree booth to see the guy we’d been picking on, the one and only Michael Waddell. I wanted to get a hat signed for my brother Devin who still has yet to meet him.
Daddy and I with Michael Waddell.

It’s Daddy and me with Robert and Rich of
It wasn’t long after that, when we decided to head back to the Slick Trick booth. On our way back we passed the Quality Archery products booth. Daddy noticed Rich Walton and Robert Hoague, so I walked over to meet them. I was happy to finally meet them! We shook hands and took a picture. We all worked our way thru a couple of booths. It is great to be writing for these guys and I am glad to be on the team.

Then the people from Quality Archery Products gave me a great new arrow rest for my bow! It’s a drop away rest which will be great for 3D archery! I am very happy to be writing for such great people! We worked the Slick Trick booth the rest of the day then me and Josh left to go sign up for the big drawing that was going on later that evening. We were gone only for a short time but when I got back Daddy told me that Charlie Owens from Sur-Loc had stopped by and that he would like to help support me! I couldn’t believe it!

Bows Galore, all shapes, sizes and colors.
We stayed after the show that night for the drawing. We watched four-wheelers, bows, money, and plenty of other great prizes be given away to of course everyone but us! It was a sight to see Pete Shepley, the president of PSE drawn to win 2 bows from Hoyt! That was funny! He of course turned them back to be drawn for again. I had a huge day and was tired out that night!

The next day was a bit slower Daddy, Josh, and I planned to leave the show early. I absolutely had to meet Charlie Owens from Sur-Loc. We headed over to see them. When I met Charlie we shook hands and we talked and took a picture, then we talked about the different sights, magnifications, and sight bars. They were such great sights! He was very nice and I was very excited to be shooting for Sur-Loc.

The day ended quickly and we helped get some of the stuff in the Slick Trick booth up. I said one last Goodbye to Rich Walton and with that we left Atlanta. I had an awesome time! It was great meeting all of the people that have helped me achieve my goals in the Archery business and I surely can’t wait until next year. Tune in Next month when I give you the run down on the ASA tournament from Gainesville Florida and Hattiesburg Mississippi which I will be attending and expect a special article on the National Wildlife Turkey Federation show about 20 minutes from my home here in Nashville at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland hotel!

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