By Alexis Seibert
Jun 18, 2008
Sponsored by BowTech Archery.


Hi again everyone! I have been busy on tour and am getting ready for Kentucky, Illinois, Georgia, Oklahoma, and California. It seems like all I see is highways and hotels!!

I have been writing articles for for over a year and have decided to try and take them in a new direction!! What you may ask?

Well, we are going to take the plunge into some streaming video. I am in the middle of getting everything set up to do segments here on I have all kinds of neat stuff to talk about as well as some great products to show you!

Here are some of the things you will see coming up in the series!!

  • How to make archery fun for kids!!
  • The proper steps for archery!!
  • How to practice and what to focus on!!
  • Tree stands safety for kids and how to overcome your fear of heights!!
  • The perfect camo.
  • Blind hunting for kids!!!

We will be discussing some of our featured products found right here on!!

  • Bowtech!!
  • Gametamers treestands and quad pods!!
  • ASAT camo!!
  • The treestand safety belt!!
  • Fall guy safety systems!!

and more!!

We plan on putting these videos up as soon as possible so get your kids ready for some fun here at Alexis Seiberts Kids Corner!

Will see you soon, and keep’em in the 10 ring!!