See Without Being Seen: Light Your Way With The Wild Micro 150 Green LED Flashlight


Ultimate Wild®, a leader in providing high-quality outdoor and hunting products, offers hunters the opportunity to see at night without being seen—with the Micro 150 Green LED flashlight.


This rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use micro flashlight fits easily in a pocket, backpack, car console—or anywhere else you need light at a moment’s notice. The Micro 150 flashlight is constructed of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum with a black anodized finish for years of hassle-free operation with a maximum light output of 150 lumens.


The green illumination is perfect for seeing at night, and science-backed research has proven that deer, hogs and other animals don’t see green light—making the Micro 150 perfect for slipping into and out of your favorite setup with complete stealth.

Micro 150 Green LED Specifications:


For more about the Micro 150 Green LED Flashlight or other Ultimate Wild products, contact Glenn Walker at or visit


About Ultimate Wild:

Ultimate Wild is dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor and hunting products for serious outdoorsmen. With their full line of hunt-enhancing products, Ultimate Wild gears hunters for the outdoors and prepares them for the Ultimate Wild outdoor experience.



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