By: Doug Bermel

By: Doug Bermel

2014 was going to be my year!  In April 2000 I moved to east central Minnesota in the heart of deer country. It took five years of searching to find the perfect homestead. Along the way I had seen very little in terms of quality deer but managed to harvest a few does. This year my sights were set on a mature buck and I was all in.


As we plan, things sometimes never work out the way we would like. It started in June when I started to work with my crossbow. With the very first shot came a loud noise and my arrow went about 10 yards. I then noticed the string and the cables were broken and I was left with a useless piece of equipment. I sent the bow back to the dealer and to have the necessary repairs made. I received it back shortly thereafter only to have the crossbow repeat the 10 yard folly. I sent the crossbow back again only to find out I was using the wrong nock according to a company tech person. I made the switch to the proper nock and I was back in business.

After losing a month of practice time I started shooting with more frequency every day to get ready for the bow season.   The archery season in Minnesota opens in mid-September. But once again, more setbacks. Family obligations got in the way for the first two weeks leaving me with the month of October to hunt.

My first hunt I employed my power chair to get me to the blind as nobody was around to help. As with most mechanical devices, it failed. Now my hunts were again limited to time when my wife could assist me which meant mostly weekends. I once tried to get to my blind with a golf cartand then use a manual chair to get the final distance. I managed to make it to the blind even though the terrain was steep.  An hour into the sit I heard a doe blowing air behind me. I am sure the cart startled her. Off she went. Here we go again.  Using a microwave heating pad and not having much feeling in my feet, I severely burned my foot.  After a trip to the emergency room I found out I couldn’t hunt for two weeks. Just as I was recovering I developed an infection and had to have a toe removed. It would be several weeks before I could get out again. Then Minnesota got hit with 14 inches of snow and it turned bitterly cold. With no way to get thru the snow and not being able to handle the cold very well, it looked like my season was over.

Things can get overwhelming sometimes but you need to be positive. As a disabled hunter you are always facing adversity. I try and overcome these pitfalls and obstacles and move on.

I am chalking these miscues off and thinking positive as I move ahead to the next season. Below are some important pieces of equipment which helps me achieve my goals:

Clam Elite Hunter Ground Blind


Clam Outdoors, the maker of quality ice fishing shelters, has come up with a ground blind for the serious cold weather hunter. It is called the Clam Elite Thermal Blind. The Thermal Trap Technology will retain more heat than the conventional huts. It is large enough for two hunters and all it takes is a small heater to stay warm. It stands 78 X 78 and is made of a tough Denier fabric. Mesh covered windows are easy to shoot thru or can  be removed. The fiberglass poles and receptacles are heavy duty and can take a pounding in the field. Included are ABS stakes, tie down cords and a storage container. For more information, go to the Clam website at http://clamoutdoors.com/.


Nose Jammer


Nose Jammer is designed to overwhelm the olfactory senses in game animals.  It does so without alarming the animal and is made from natural compounds. DougiNose Jammer contains Vanillin and other aromatic compounds that effectively block the sense of smell. Spray it on your clothes prior to entering the woods.  Also it helps to spray around the blind once seated.  I have had positive results with the Nose Jammer.  I highly recommend this to increase your odds. Check Nose Jammer out at: http://nosejammer.com/

Doe Cooter Deer Scents


Doe Cooter is a real scent with an unusual name!  It is a scent attractant which lets nature take its course.  Doe Cooter is 100% doe-in-heat urine and CWD free. I spray the scent around my shooting lanes and handy spray bottle is easy to use.  You can spray directly on the foliage or use a scent rag and even a scent drag.  Available in either a one ounce or two ounce package along with some convenient accessories.  You can check them out at:  https://doecooter.com/

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