It started out with the typical symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, headaches and fatigue, but I was too busy to listen to my body. I had been doing a lot of interviews to promote my new book, “4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy,” in addition to producing our TV show, “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild”, and chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, etc. On several interviews, I even bragged that “I never get sick”. But God had other plans, and here’s what he taught me when I discovered I had a sinus infection:

  1. It’s ok to rest. Sometimes you have to put your life on pause and that usually happens when you are stressed and overworked. Give yourself permission to have some downtime without the guilt. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on TV series. My favorites are Orphan Black and House of Cards.
  2. Resist the urge to use social media. It’s fine to post occasional pictures, but you should give your eyes a break and cutback immensely when you don’t feel good.
  3. Essential oils are your friend. While there are many different kinds, I use Young Living Essential Oils. I diffuse them day and night and even travel with individual packets. Thieves is good for killing germs so no one else in your house get sick. Lavender helps with relaxation. Peppermint and eucalyptus are good during the day to open up your sinuses.
  4. Resist the urge to work out. This was a tough one for me. When you’re used to some sort of physical exercise every day, it’s hard to take a day off – let alone a week. Listen to your body. When you’re tired just rest. I would take the laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer then go lie down.
  5. Evaluate your life. This is a good opportunity for you to take a look at how effectively you spend your time. Chronic stress weakens the immune system. In my book, (available on I have chapters on reducing stress, getting better sleep, and slowing down. Now it’s time for me to take a dose of my own prescription.
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