In Sights Nutrition Solutions is one of the newest breeds of professional wildlife companies producing enticing and nutritional products for deer, turkey, hogs and now bears.

With over 30 years’ experience in the feed and commodities industry In Sight Nutrition owners Jason Grau and Steve Stone have built a solid reputation for knowing what animals require to grow healthier and larger and what wild game animals, like bears, can’t resist. Their BEAR TRAP™ enticing attractant fits that bill nicely and is sure to be a huge hit with bear hunters everywhere.



Jason Grau made the introduction: “BEAR TRAP™, is an aromatic, exceptionally sweet syrup formulated with real sugar. This easy to use liquid is absolutely irresistible to bears and like all our attractant products, unlike other wildlife attractants, contains NO salt water or other unnecessary chemical fillers. BEAR TRAP™ comes in an easy to transport 1 gallon container is also easy to use. BEAR TRAP™ is simply poured onto your hunting site on the ground, in a container or over other bait products being used. Bears will be attracted to the site and even after eating the bait will return day after day for more.’’

In Sights Nutrition produces a full line of feed supplements and attractants for breeders and consumers for deer, hogs, turkey and bear.


For more information please go to:   In Sights Nutrition, LLC