DirtNap Gear, a newcomer in the broadhead market, has quickly become one of the most recognizable broadhead companies on the market today.   has taken broadhead science to a new level with their DRT heads and the new HD head. The newer HD broadheads are heavier with weight adjustability to help bowhunters fine tune arrows to their preferred Front of Center (FOC).  DirtNap Gear now offers the new HD head for those looking for extreme FOC, superb penetration, better arrow momentum, and just a darn tough broadhead.

The new DirtNap HD broadheads comes available as a 175 grain broadhead, but simple removal of their patented threaded 25 grain weight collar gives a bowhunter a 150 grain head if desired.


The most diversified broadhead on the market, the new HD head is exceptional for the traditional bowhunter or any bowhunter, seeking wild boar to Africa’s dangerous game, and needing heavy weighted heads for better kinetic energy and additional momentum from their hunting arrows.  The DirtNap Gear HD heads are available in single or double beveled designs.  The ferrules and blades are made of stainless steel with the blades being a .051 thickness and taken to 420J2 hardness for strength, durability, and incredible blade sharpness.

Tom Addleman owner of DirtNap Gear said of his newly introduced HD heads, “Our HD heads are built tough, with our patented weight systems, for the traditional bowhunter. They’re spin tested to ensure incredible accuracy, consistent arrow flight and accuracy.  All DirtNap Gear heads are Teflon coated for maximum penetration and minimum resistance on either the broadhead range or in bowhunting.  We are so confident of all our HD heads, that we are the only manufacturer to offer bowhunters a no hassle Lifetime Guarantee.  Should you bend or break any of our DirtNap Gear broadheads, send them back and we’ll send you a new broadhead, no questions asked.”

DirtNap Gear HD broadhead blades are available in double or single right beveled heads.

To know more about DirtNap Gear’s new HD broadheads, the DirtNap Gear Lifetime Guarantee or any of the DirtNap Gear’s line of exceptional broadheads and accessories, or the colors available for DirtNap Gear heads, visit their website; www.dirtnapgear.com or follow them on Facebook.