By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

I was recently given an opportunity by Goat Tuff Products to review the new GT Arrow Fletcher ™. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, price and compact size of this fletching jig.

The kit includes the following:

The GT Arrow Fletcher comes with:

1 Base with 2 V-Blocks

1 Three fletch indexer

1 Four fletch indexer

2 Lock Down Clips (Holds shaft in gluing position)

4 Vane Nests (½ degree, 1 degree, 2 degree, and 3 degree)

½ degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4” long. Also recommended for most crossbow arrows.

1 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4“long.

2 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 3.25” long.

3 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 2.25” long.

The GT Arrow Fletcher ™ will work with any vane or glue. Although Goat Tuff does recommend their specially formulated, fast drying Goat Tuff Cyanoacrylate glues for optimal performance. I personal used this glue and found you will get fast and clean results. The jig is only 7” long and 2” wide but will quickly and accurately do any size vane up to a 3 degree helical. ½ degree for vanes up to 4” long, 1 degree helical for vanes up to a 4”, 2 degree helical for vanes up to 3.25” long and 3 degree helical for vanes up to 2.25” long. The jig will do 3 and 4 index vane fletching on any shaft and has 2 lock down clips should your glue require more time to set up. Letting you do other things while you wait.

So simple to use:

Ensure vane and shaft surface are clean


Place vane nest (helical degree) in base

Snap nock into the center of indexer


Place vane in vane nest

Apply thin layer of glue



With your fingers on the shaft and over v-blocks press down so shaft and vane make contact and hold for 6 to 10 second if using Goat Tuff glue and release.


Repeat steps until arrow is fletched.


The jig allows for full contact of the vane to the shaft and makes for quick and fuss free fletching. If done properly Goat Tuff says you can fletch 12 arrows in under 20 minutes. I know I did 3 arrows and it may have taken me 5 minutes.  I know there are other fletching jigs out there and they are all functional and for the most part good quality but, this jig is competitively priced at $49.95 and makes for clean and fast fletching.

In closing I can only say I really like using this little fletching jig and will continue to do so since I do fletching on the side and need something that is not a pain to use, doesn’t make a mess and makes me money and doesn’t waste my time. Also, to learn more go to www. Goattuffproducts.com and watch the video on how to use the GT Arrow Fletcher ™ and check out some of the other great products from Goat Tuff.

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