By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

One of my biggest product surprises this year so far has to be Plano’s new Field Locker™ Compound Bow Case. This case may not only compete with the SKB and Pelican cases but may exceed them.

While attending the 2016 ATA Show in Louisville, KY. I was checking out the Plano Synergy booth when I was asked if I had seen the new compound and crossbow cases. I just assumed it was another normal case for Plano, but I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. What I saw was a military grade case with high quality ball bearing wheels, DRI-LOC® gasket to seal it shut, a pressure relief valve for air travel and many more features to appeal to the travelling archer.


Well, I was fortunate to receive the Field Locker™ for review and I am even more impressed than when I saw it at the show. It has plucked foam to customize the fit of your bow, arrow clamps for 6 arrows (wish they would have made it for a dozen) and below your bow is a large storage area where you can use Velcro or Plano storage containers to keep your accessories.


The 2 handles are very ergonomic and comfortable when pulling the case and the wheels roll like butter. The 4 front locks are heavy duty and have quite a snap to them when unlocking and the case also features 4 padlock areas for extra security. The hinges are high quality, tough and have a steel rod going through each one.


The Field Locker is large enough for most compound bows and measures in at:

EXTERIOR: 46.38″ X 18″ X 7.25″

INTERIOR: 44″ X 15″ X 6.38″

FIT DIMENSIONS: 39.25″ X 12.75″

Overall, the case is awesome and puts Plano in the elite class of compound bow cases. Now with all these luxuries come one bad side, heaviness. It is not a case you want to lug around but in this case heavy comes with that extra sturdiness and protection. Although, with the rollers there isn’t a need for hoisting and carrying the case, just roll it. The ball bearing wheels are similar to roller blade skates, but much higher quality and durability. The foam padding does a great job of protecting your investment and the cubed design makes for a custom case. The cubed foam is the top layer and could be replaced to be re customized for a new bow while the bottom foam is denser to provide greater support for your bow.

Very nice case that will beat expectations. I give it a 15 out of 10 score on this case.

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