Over the years I’ve owned a fair number of bows from different bow companies. It’s unarguably been an experience of changes, from my first compound bow in the 70’s, the Arrowstar, to the latest bow I received after the bear season and Fred’s Last Bearhunt. It was the latest bow from Mathews, the NoCam HTR.

I had arranged to get the NoCam at the Mathews Show that I attended. During that show I went to a seminar where Matt McPearson and his top bow design people discussed how they made this bow. Basically, they scrapped everything and built a new, step by step, feature by feature, resulting in a very unique bow. Truthfully, if I had read that statement I would have labeled it sales hype.

But listening to Matt and crew discuss their process of development as they went through over 100 different test bows  I came away totally believing they had built something new in the bow world. They were completely sincere and I was very impressed.

And I was very pleased when Mathew’s Corrine Bundy asked me if I wanted to test one out. Sure I did, I wanted to know if this bow would work for me.

After the bear hunt we drove to Don Beckwith’s house, that’s ‘The Duck’ or ‘Donald Duck’, to anyone who has followed the Online Bowhunts on Bowhunting.net since 1996. I had the NoCam, still in the box, and wanted to have Richard from Lake Country Archery set the bow up. Richard has modern bow setup setup skills that are top notch. He knows how to setup for accuracy, peak performance, consistency and top speed.

Lake Country Archery

Above is Lake Country Archery in Yantus, Texas. And that’s “The Duck” on the right, welcoming us inside.

And below we have modern bow expert Richard working his considerable magic on my bow.

Lake Country Archery, Richard

Richard added a Mathews Ultra Rest to the bow. He shot an arrow, several times, through his paper tuning machine and then made precise adjustments and secret tweaks as he confidently zeroed in the arrow rest to make perfect arrow holes through the paper tuner.

One of Richard’s secrets is how he installs a shooting-loop. In the past, I’ve taken him bows I was shooting and he began by shooting through the chronograph. Next he replaced the string-loop with his private method and made a second shot through the the chronograph. Bingo, 15 feet a second faster! This bow technician knows his stuff.

Lake Country Archery, Richard

I wanted a one-pin sight, but a fixed pin not an adjustable pin, and in particular, I preferred a Black Gold bowsight. My buddies Rick Phillipi and Fred Lutger shot their sights and their sight pins are always brighter than mine. And I want that.

So Richard went over the Black Gold sight catalog with me and then we devised a Custom site with the features I wanted.