The new OPTI•CHOICE II pin selection and illumination system is now offered in the popular and affordable ACCU•STRIKE XS bow sight.

The new OPTI•CHOICE II pin selection and illumination system is now offered in the popular and affordable ACCU•STRIKE XS bow sight.

APEX GEAR™, manufacturer of performance bowhunting sights and accessories introduces the new OPTI•CHOICE II™ pin selection and illumination system, now available on the new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS bow sight series. The original OPTI•CHOICE system allowed archers to select and illuminate individual pins; the second generation of OPTI•CHOICE technology now allows archers to select any pin or all pins at once using a smooth rotary dial. Additionally, shooters can now select the brightness level of the selected pin (or all pins) as well using a tactile button to toggle between 3-brightness settings (low, medium, high, off). While the original OPTI•CHOICE system was first available only in the Accu•Strike Pro Select, the new OPTI•CHOICE II system goes directly into the newer Accu•Strike XS line to offer customers the most up-to-date and advanced combination of features.  OPTI•CHOICE II is a strong addition to the 5x .019” diameter fiber-optic pins used in the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS sight series: large enough fiber diameter to transmit light at all brightness levels, but still small enough to be crisp and precise and not overwhelming.

The ACCU•STRIKE™ XS sight series is designed for intermediate and advanced archers, especially bowhunters.  The OPTI•CHOICE II™ model (AG1615BKS) is particularly advantageous to archers hunting from ground blinds or thick cover, where fibers need additional illumination.

The ACCU•STRIKE™ XS bow sight with the OPTI•CHOICE II pin selector comes with a black finish and MSRP of $99. The models utilizing a push-button (non-selectable) light are available in black, Realtree Xtra™, or LOST™ camo finishes with an MSRP of $86 for black and $99 for camo finishes. All models are currently available through shooting sports retailers and at



  • Rotary knob for easy pin selection (any individual pin, or all pins at once)
  • Tactile push-button to select pin brightness.
  • Extra–long fibers for maximum brightness.
  • Compact, ultra–lightweight design weighs approximately 5.5 oz.
  • Precision dovetail windage adjustment.
  • Level is illuminated with luminescent tape.
  • Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability.
  • Adjustable for left and right–handed users.
  • Special light location allows for more effective light distribution to fibers.
  • TRU•TOUCH™ soft–feel technical coating.
  • MSRP: $99 for OPTI•CHOICE 2 and Camo push-button models, MSRP: $86 for black, push-button model.


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