Vapor Trail Archery, manufacturer of VTX bowstrings, cables, Pro-V arrow rest, and other fine archery accessories, has added two new colors to their popular VTX bowstrings – Flo Red and Arctic Blue.

Vapor Trail’s bowstrings utilize their proprietary VTX (Vapor Trail Xtreme) technology which outperforms the materials often found in competitor’s bowstrings. The VTX technology is more adaptable in changing weather and can easily withstand moving from wet to dry climate, or hot or cold temperatures. The VTX bowstrings are always pre-stretched at the Vapor Trail factory on extremely high-tension jigs to ensure their stability, which dramatically decreases the chance of string creep while being used afield. The VTX bowstrings are guaranteed to have no peep rotation, serving separation or creep. All bowstrings are hand-tied at the factory and the fully served end-loops give them longer life and provide easier installation.  The VTX bowstrings are custom built to fit any bow make and model. Vapor Trail has an extensive library of bowstring specifications dating back to the 1970’s.


VTX bowstrings are available in thousands of color combinations through their custom online shop and Nitro Speed Buttons can be installed upon request. The VTX bowstrings start with 25 string colors and 23 serving colors to let you create your own combo from there. The new Flo Red is a fluorescent red and the Artic Blue is more of a neon blue.  MSRP on the VTX bowstring sets start at $80.

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