Once Again, Wade Nolan Is Spearheading A Writers Camp, This One Is In Central Florida

Outdoor Writer, Bowhunting Biologist Wade Nolan

In the world of bowhunting, Writers Camps bring together outdoor writers and bosses from the companies that make and sell products to bowhunters and archers, in an atmosphere where everyone gets to know each other. New products are introduced and discussed and often are tried out.

People that, in many cases, know each other from the ATA Archery Trade Show and other regional shows where retailers, manufacturers, as well as outdoor writers and media mix together. At these shows there is a lot to see and do and everyone is busy, so there is usually not an opportunity to spend time getting to know new people.

Writers Camps are the flip-side of that. Manufacturer’s appreciate having the time to talk about their gear and products with influencers in the bowhunting media. Any writer who wants to know about a company and the people in it has the chance to do that at a Writers Camp. Acquaintances often become friendships.

And, of course, there is always a bowhunt to go on. Nice…

This particular Writers Camp was organized by Wade Nolan of Whitetail University. At the company end we have people from Atsko, Field & Stream Stores and Swhacker Broadheads.

The outdoor writers are Joe ByersJosh HoneycuttTim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazine and the founder of the website Bowhunting.net, Robert Hoague (who is me).

And oh yes, we are bowhunting wild hogs with Richzrd Meachum of Under The Son Outfitters near Ft. Meade, Florida.


And it all begins this week, on Thursday afternoon April 28. I am definitely looking forward to it. And I will do daily updates from the event and we will all learn a little bit that we didn’t know about bowhunting gear and also spend time bowhunting wild hogs.