By: Frank 'Medicine Wolf' Springer

By: Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

BLACK LIGHTNING lubricant and string conditioner is a bit of lightning, a bit of magic and an answer that has been a long time in coming.  The stand-by bee’s wax block that everyone has used for generations as a string conditioner is as different from Black Lightning in appearance as it is in effectiveness and satisfying use.

At first sight the appearance of Black Lightning is almost an opposite from the light tan of bee’s wax.  And although it has the black look of Molybdenum grease, the alchemy of mixing graphite and silicone in a fine wax base is slick- but not greasy.

Unlike the ‘forever sticky’ bee’s wax that grabs every speck of dust it comes into contact with, Black Lightning is smooth and slick to the feel and there is no tackiness that attracts dust and grit.  Little thought is given about the abrasive effect of the dust attracted to traditional bee’s wax and other string conditioners.  But, just like a rope used in sandy, dusty areas, the constant abrasive quality of this dusty environment causes the fibers of bow strings to chafe together as if being sanded by these elements, and if not caught early enough-  notwithstanding the nightmare of personal physical harm-  leads to eventual catastrophic string failure and expensive bow damage.


Applied to all of the contact surfaces of my bows – strings, cams, idlers, cable points- limb pivots- any area where one part moves against another- friction and wear were minimized or virtually eliminated.

With the elimination of these friction points the mechanical forces of “friction, heat and drag equals loss of speed” were lessened to a point that arrow speed increase was measurable. And no one ever says- “I hate it when my arrow goes faster”.  An additional effect by the use of the Black Lightning was a drop in perceived bow noise.  Although the noise is minimal in my personal choice of bows—any amount less of a noise signature is a good thing.

Black lightning comes in a .57 oz twist up tube dispenser.  Like a large “Chap Stick”, the ease of use and security of the lid makes it great to use, and no messy problem when you stow it in your pack.

BLACK LIGHTNING LUBRICANT AND STRING CONDITIONER is not really magic—but if you used it in the Dark Ages- you may have gotten burned at the stake as a witch.   I give it my ‘Good to Go!’


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