By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

One of the things I found hard to find was an inexpensive, small, lightweight feeder I could move around from one site to another to use to scout deer in different areas or as just a backyard feeder with no worries of batteries and other things to go wrong.

That is no longer a problem thanks to Redneck Feeders.  The lightweight portable T-Post Gravity Feeder is made of heavy duty polyethylene with a 80lb capacity when using corn. You can use other types of feeds if you wish and mix your corn with supplements if allowed in your state.

The T-Post Gravity Feeder can either be mounted on a t-post or with ratchet straps to a tree. The back has a groove molded to fit a t-post or the concave back fits nicely around any tree and the grooves for the ratchet straps make it easy to hang from any tree. The height to the bottom of the feeding tube is adjustable from anywhere from 34” to 60” utilizing a standard 7’ t-post. The opening at the feeding hole is 4” by 5” and a plastic shield fits inside with a bolt and wing nut allowing only a small amount of feed to fall as it is consumed.


Unlike a timer actuated feeder where you have to set the feeding times, this is a 24/7 diner for deer and other animals such as raccoons and squirrels. So, take into consideration that consumption will be higher but you will be able to draw deer in at all hours of the day and night allowing you to get those great trail camera shots without having to mess with electrical operation. The Redneck T-Post & Tree Gravity Feeder has an MSRP of $119.00 and is made in the good ol’ USA.