Something Moved In The Thick Palmettos Below Kurt Baumgartner’s Ladderstand, Kurt Froze, Bow In Hand.

All the writers and manufacturers received the newest camouflage gear from Field & Stream Stores so we were looking good in our high tech camo clothing and gear as we joined the hog hunt. We were a little late getting to the hunt area and everyone got their new Field & Stream camo clothes and boots on. Then we all sprayed down with Atsko No-O-Dor scent elimination spray and we were almost ready.

Getting ready for the Writers Camp hog hunt.

The Boars Nest folks had practice targets for last minute checking of our bows and bow sights. Below is Kurt Baumgartner from Atko taking a few practice shots. His equipment was obviously set up just fine because he ate up the target’s bulls-eye.

Kurt Baumgartner takes practice shots.

Kurt loaded up on one of the 4-wheelers. I wanted to get pictures of the place and rode along with Kurt. The guide drove to the area where Kurt would hunt this afternoon.

Kurt Baumgartner on hog hunt

When we reached the area Kurt was to hunt the guide explained where he expected hogs to come from. Then Kurt walked to the ladder stand for his hunt and we drove away.




Kurt hooked up his treestand safety vest and quietly arranged his gear and got his bow. Something in the thick palmettos and brush on the ground got his attention — a huge wild boar came to a stop. Kurt had his bow in hand but he didn’t have an arrow on the string yet.

Unexpectedly, the boar looked up at Kurt. The two froze.

The big hog moved first and turned back the way he had come and quickly disappeared into the palmettos. Kurt got an arrow out and loaded it … but no shot opportunity happened.

The Writers Camp was organized by Wade Nolan of Whitetail University. At the company end we have people from Atsko, Field & Stream Stores and Swhacker Broadheads. The outdoor writers are Joe ByersJosh HoneycuttTim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazine and the founder of the website, Robert Hoague.