More Wild Hog Action … And A Little Fun.

Robert Hoague

Robert Hoague

Today’s guide Jason Mears of Under The Son Outfitters brought along a ground blind sent by the Field & Stream Shop. He laid the rolled up blind down and showed me the area. He pointed out several nearby trails that came out of the orange grove and entered the woods. Jason explained that the trails continued downhill to a winding creek and hogs frequently moved parallel to the creek. Judging from the heavily trafficked trails coming up the hill my area looked promising.

I stacked my bow, backpack and chair on the ground together and popped up the blind around my gear and myself and then adjusted its position a little bit so I could see the edges of the orange grove and the long, narrow open space between the orange trees and the woods.


I set up the Field & Stream Ultimate Ground Blind. Look at that nice door.

I do a lot of pop-up-ground-blind hunting with my bow and arrow and have used over 20 different kinds. To be frank, most of those blinds had issues that didn’t quite fit with what I’m looking for in this type of portable blind. Many of them do not set up “tight” and their plastic-like material and looseness makes rattling or squeaking noises in even a light breeze. And the windows were not designed for shooting a bow.

Ground Blind

Looking through the windows on the Field & Stream Ultimate ground blind. The orange grove
is on the right and woods is on the left.

But I have to say that this blind’s widow placement was exceptional. But I’ll come back to that in an in depth upcoming Field Report.

I waited quietly to see if any wild hogs would visit me. A little before last light I heard steps in the woods behind the blind.  Soon a lone hog came out of the woods. It was 45 yards away and watched it disappear into the orange grove. Before long Jason picked me up and we walked to where he had parked the truck.

Kurt Von Besser and Wade Nolan were hunting a different area. Kurt saw a group of wild hogs and turned it into a shot opportunity. HIs shot was perfect and the hog went down quickly.

Meanwhile Wade hunted a ladderstand. He heard hogs behind him and turned so he could see behind him. Three wild hogs were in the brush and getting closer. Wade got his crossbow ready and made his shot good on the lead hog. Both hogs ran away. Wade texted Richard Meachum that he had shot a hog. Richard drove over on his 4-wheeler.

Wade showed Richard where the hog was when he shot it. They took up the short trail and found the hog. Wade used the new 3-Blade Swhacker Broadhead.


Kurt Von Besser of Atsko and Wade Nolan, the organizer of
this Writers Camp show us their Florida wild hogs.

Later, I rode with Richard Meachum and Jason Mears on the return trip to the motel. Richard stopped at a BBQ bar and grill place and we ate. I had a big hamburger and fries that were very good. We had a good time. Richard should go on the comedy circuit, he is one funny guy and kept us laughing.


This Writers Camp was organized by Wade Nolan of Whitetail University. At the company end we have people from Atsko, Field & Stream Stores and Swhacker Broadheads. The outdoor writers are Joe ByersJosh HoneycuttTim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazineand the founder of the website, Robert Hoague. We are bowhunting wild hogs with Richard Meachum of Under The Son Outfitters