Mitch King, ATA Archery Trade Assn. Director of Government Relations.

Mitch King, ATA Archery Trade Assn. Director of Government Relations.

The state of Texas has been dealing with finding Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in several captive deer breeding facilities within the state and your state wildlife agency (Texas Parks and Wildlife) is trying to get ahead of the curve and protect the wild deer populations across the state.

They have proposed regulations and permitting requirements that will help to ensure that these deer breeding facilities are being more closely monitored for CWD.  You can read what TX Parks and Wildlife is proposing within this link below Click on Item 4 to read the proposed rule changes.


Doe with CWD.

Mitch King, the Director of Government Relations of the Archery Trade Association states, “In my opinion, these are very reasonable regulatory changes designed primarily to protect your wild deer herds from CWD infestation.

As the above link states, the agency is calling a special public meeting to hear public comments.  They are certainly hearing from the captive deer breeder community and they need to hear from  those of you who are interested in protecting your wild deer herds.”

“As you can see from the link and the attached agenda, this Special Meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday (June 20).  The meeting will be in Austin and will start at 9am.  I’m told the interest in the subject may extend the meeting well into the afternoon.”

“Please consider making sure that everyone who is interested in healthy wild deer herds in Texas knows about this meeting and, if possible, attending the meeting and voicing your concerns. Thanks and feel free to contact me directly if you have questions (contact info below).”

Mitch King, Director of Government Relations, Archery Trade Association, 5405 Favorite Gulch Rd., Helena, MT  59602.