Interested in hunting some really monster bucks? Well this is your chance to reward yourself. Southern Ohio Outfitters is offering some incredible prices to you can hunt that buck you see only in your dreams.


Late Season Muzzleloader Hunts– Jan 7,8,9,10  2017


Normally $2325.00, now $2050.00


– 5 nights and 4 days

– Includes meals, lodging, guide, transport and processing of animal (105$ savings)

– ANY inline Muzzleloader/Scope Combo can be used

– 1 buck, 1 doe can be taken

– minimum of 130″ , NO trophy Fees, No hidden fees, ALL Fairchase

– Price does not include your license and tag (approx $15o)


What do S.O.O. customers have to say?


Bryan Atkins

Bryan Atkins


I just want to tell you thanks again not just for the hunting, but the hospitality was second to none. All of your guys were just awesome. The lodge was nice, the damn food was unbelievable. We set in a stand for 40 hours and didn’t see much activity but knew when the weather broke, some of them studs was gonna get out and about! Thanks again man!!!

Bryan Atkins”


Jason Larocque

Jason Larocque

“Hi Dave ,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for giving me an opportunity for a hunt of a lifetime. I think Southern Ohio Outfitters is definitely a top notch whitetail outfitter. You all have a very nice, comfortable lodge and great food. I will for sure be booking another hunt.

Jason Larocque”


Matt Lawhead

Matt Lawhead

“”First off, as the owner, I have to commend Dave on how you handle every call, answer every question, and take the time to meet and get to know every client. You create such a relaxed family atmosphere that makes it near impossible, to not feel like home.  It is because of that attention to every detail, that makes your operation successful.

Carlyn, the owners wife, is an asset that you should do your best to keep around! haha! When she brings Em and Mason, it showed that SOO isn’t just a business, but a family passion. The food was amazing, and the she worked hard to make sure everything was perfect. It became obvious to me how vested she was in the operation, and how much she cared about the clients, when she showed up in the middle of a field in the middle of the night, after we had found my buck. She loves this as much as you do!

In my opinion, guides will make or break an operation. Justin, John and Austin were awesome from start to finish. Tagging out early, we had the opportunity to see how the operation works on a daily basis, and these guys are running 18-20 hour days, working hard pulling camera cards, checking sets, getting hunters into position and then tracking deer. I had no idea the physical and mental wear and tear these guys take and am proud to have met them, and now call them friends.

For as great as the lodge is, and for as awesome as the properties are, it is Dave, Carlyn & SOO crew that I will be back, and I will bring more people. Its great to come out and kill the biggest deer of your life, and have a CRAZY story to go along with it, but the memories made, and the friendships made are worth their weight in gold. Its going to be a long year waiting for the next trip out there!!!!

All my best to you and your crew!

Matt Lawhead

Want to hunt some really huge whitetails? Well get over to Southern Ohio Outfitters.