Providing water in your hunting area is one of the best things you can do. It benefits wildlife, big and small. And in my experience establishing a small source of water in a secluded area can have big benefits for bowhunters. However, getting deer and wild turkeys to come for a drink is the easy part. It’s lots more difficult to get 55-gallon drums of water out to where you want it and then keep some water there … every day. Below are two pictures of what you can call the, “old school” method; which is taking water out to your secluded area and dumping it, by hand.

Water Red Truck Before After

But this year I’m gonna use a new, improved method. I’ve ordered a 4-Wheel Hose Cart from Liberty Garden Products. As soon as it arrives we’ll get started on this project. The Liberty Model 871-S Four Wheel Hose Cart features a lightweight 1 ½” steel frame set on four Never Flat tires for a sturdy support base with great maneuverability. Perfect for home, industrial, and commercial needs.

Featuring 250′ of 5/8″ Hose Capacity, 13 Gauge Steel Construction, 5′ Leader Hose, All Brass/Galvanized Fixtures, 90° Brass Swivel Connector, Non-Slip Handle Grip, Four 10″ Never Flat Tires, Durable Powder Coat Finish, Storage Basket and Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Liberty 4-Wheel Cart w basket
Be sure and check the above video out and see all the many uses it has besides making and maintaining a watering place in your favorite deer woods. On the web at Liberty Garden Products.

On The Web at Liberty Garden Products.