Rick Philippi shooting Zombies!

Rick Philippi shooting Zombies!

The UPS driver knocked on my door and put in my hands the dozen Zombie Slayers that I had ordered from Black Eagle Arrows.  I could not wait to get them out of the box and see what they looked like.  Telling you they looked “great” would be an understatement.  Their colors were bold! The Zombie Slayer arrows were crested with yellow and orange vanes and with a bright and vibrant partial yellow shaft with the ZOMBIE SLAYER logo in bold green accented with orange, red and green highlights.

To say these are the coolest arrows I have ever seen would be an understatement!

Next, I checked the shafts over and spin tested each arrow, they had no wobble and appeared ready to be put to the test.  I began by shooting the arrows at various distances and I can tell you first hand, I can’t remember shooting groups that tight. It did not matter the distance, they were pounding the bulls eye and their performance and flight was in a league of their own. I was like a kid in a candy store; I did not want to quit shooting.


The Zombie Slayer arrows are designed, engineered and produced for maximum speed and kinetic energy and created to be as accurate as a laser.  The Zombie Slayer’s are 100% carbon and are manufactured with the tightest .001” or 003” straightness, or straighter, tolerances to enhance accuracy and penetration when that moment of truth presents itself.

ZombieBlack Eagle Arrows have been the choice among many world class competition archers and bowhunters around the world.  Now I know why! As an avid bowhunter for 47 years, in my humble opinion, I have never shot an arrow like the Zombie Slayer.  Take a second and jump out to Black Eagle Arrows website to check out the many types of arrows they make. Go To:  BlackEagleArrows.com

And here is a closer look at the design on the shafts of each Zombi Slayer.

Zombie Slayer Arrows