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By: Mike Trepasso

By: Mike Trepasso

What is it that makes an arrow great? Is it accuracy, durability, or dependability. The answer is its all of that and one company meets all these expectations.

Black Eagle Arrows have been making quality arrows for some time now and I have had the privilege of harvesting over twenty big game animals with these arrows in the last three years. I know what you’re saying, every arrow is the same.  I can buy arrows at Walmart and kill an animal and you’re right about that. However what most people don’t know is that there is so much more that goes into picking the right arrow for your set up. Most of us, from the time we started getting into archery have walked into your local pro shop and said ‘I need arrows’ and they picked out the newest arrows on the market. They probably also sold you, or you just bought the most expensive ones and then had the pro-shop make sure they were the correct length and spine for your set up. But those are not the only three things to consider when buying an arrow.

All too often you hear of people shooting modern,  high performance bows and not getting pass throughs and blaming it on the broad heads. In some cases, this may be true but most of the time it’s because your arrows are not the best for your bow and your particular set up. FOC or ‘front of center’ is one of the most important things you need to consider when buying an arrow. The higher your FOC, the more momentum your arrow will carry on impact. I didn’t say weight because a lighter arrow can still have a high FOC to help you get those pass throughs you look for, on good shots of course.


The engineers at Black Eagle Arrows have taken precision arrow making a step further and have designed a wide range of arrows and weights to better fit your individual set up. If you’re looking for a light weight hard hitting standard diameter arrow, then the Carnivores are your arrow.

I challenge you to take another make of arrow and compare it, head to head,  against any Black Eagle Arrow and see if they not only shoot as well, regardless of how much they cost,  but more importantly if the FOC,  spine and weight are as consistent as any of the Black Eagle Arrows.


If you want a little more weight with your arrow then the stainless steel half-certs and the smaller diameter Renegades might be just what you’re looking for. The point is Black Eagle makes an amazing product because they are all dedicated professional and they have applied the science behind what makes the perfect arrow. If this is the year you want to upgrade and change what you are currently shooting, I urge you to check out the arrow line from Black Eagle. I think you, like us at north Liberty Outdoors, with see better groups, get more pass throughs and put more animals on the ground this year.

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