Hunting Husbandless


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What a beautiful back drop for bowhunting turkey.


By: Shelby Nusz

For me, it’s not always about the kill. Of course I love to see all of my hard work pay off and result in a beautiful animal being harvested, but sometimes that’s not what I enjoy the most. I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. I enjoy sitting with my husband not saying a word. I enjoy listening and watching the world wake up or go to sleep. Up until recently I haven’t had any close female friends that hunt. That recently changed when I met and connected with Sami. Let me tell you folks, I really enjoy hunting with her.

My husband has always been my favorite hunting buddy. Our favorite date nights have occurred in a tree stand or blind. I think we can all agree that there is a special bond you form with your hunting buddies. While I have always had that with my husband, brothers, dad, and some of my husband’s friends, but I never really felt like I had my own. As much as I love the opportunities I have to hunt with my husband, I have desperately always wanted to have a friend to share the outdoors with as well. Women have continued to break into the hunting industry over the past few years and have let it be known that this lifestyle is for more than just men. I have found someone who loves to hunt, puts in the work before every season, and is an extremely respectable hunter. When I found Sami, we took on turkey season on our own this year.

Sami and Shelby, hunting for turkey while the menfolk tend to the home fires.

That’s right, we left our husbands at home with our children, gathered all our gear, and set out for an exciting night. We had built up much excitement in the days leading to our hunt together. We proclaimed to our husbands that we were going to show them how it was really done and that’s exactly what we did! We hiked into our blind that was nestled in a beautiful area surrounded by trees. We spooked up a hen as we walked in, so we quickly set up our filming equipment and bows and made a plan of who was going to shoot first. We already knew at this point that we were both going home with birds. As hunting goes, we sat and we waited. We sat. We waited. We sat and called for turkey. We sat and watched a coyote creep through the grass. We sat and ate Twizzlers. We sat and watched deer. We sat for hours and heard absolutely nothing.

The end of shooting light was approaching when we sadly determined it wasn’t going to happen that night. We quietly packed up the camera equipment, got some of our gear together, and began to zip the blind door down when out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most beautiful tom 5 yards out. I pulled Sami to the ground and told her to get her bow and get it drawn. I peeked up just enough to see him standing there, strutted up, and shining in the sun, less than 10 yards from us. I told Sami how far out he was and when he looked away I whispered, “Now.” After making a perfect shot, I hugged (nearly tackling) Sami and giggled in excitement, only to realize there were multiple toms coming into range. I knew we had to act quickly before legal shooting light ended, so I shot the first one that came into range. We successfully had our first double! We were like kids on Christmas morning – jumping, hugging, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. I knew in that moment that I had a turkey hunt for the books.

Same and the author both nailed nice toms but here is a happy Shelby with hers.

Even if we hadn’t seen a single bird, it still would have been one of my favorite hunts. Ladies, hunt fearlessly. Hunt on your own. Leave your husband at home every now and then and find your ‘Sami’ and share that passion with another female. It will result in an unbreakable bond, unforgettable memories and if you are lucky, plenty of trophy pictures for years to come.

Sponsored by: Robinson OutdoorsTree Spider ScentBlocker Products

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