By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

These lifelike, true to size targets were conceived in Montana and are manufactured in Ohio. Big Sky Real Archery Targets provide the bowhunter a 2D target with a 3D feel.

Made from 6mm thick proprietary composite material that, according to the company is, “pound for pound stronger than steel” and a patented process using a specialized, textured cloth material with the image printed on it.  UV rays will not cause this target to fade or fail and reflection is no more than what a real animal’s hair would reflect. I have shot the target with the sun behind me with no difficulty due to reflection of sunlight. I have had mine for nearly 3.5 months and it has been out in snow, rain, wind and heat and pounded by the sun and the target is not peeling nor fading.

Everything you need to assemble the target is in this one box.

Everything you need to assemble the target is in this one box.

The provided instructions will walk you through the process of assembly (yes there is “some” assembly required). The target is folded and once unfolded you will use blanks of the same material with a 3M adhesive to stiffen the target at the folds and also small plastic screws to help secure the strips for long term.

Place the strips where shown.

Place the strips where shown.

The target stand was simple to put together and I would suggest doing out in a garage or outside since the size of the target stand will not fit through a standard door opening once put together (I prefer not to discuss how I found this out). The stand provides great stability to both the 2D and bag target needed to stop the arrows.

I won't mention why I recommend setting the stand up in the garage but I think you can figure that out.

I won’t mention why I recommend setting the stand up in the garage but I think you can figure that out.

By using the pins provided you push them through the target and into your bag target hanging from the stand.  Even in 50 to 60 mph winds my target never came off nor did it tip over. The vitals are replaceable and are advertised to withstand up to 1400 shots.  Broadheads can be used if the proper target is placed behind the target, but understand like any target, broadheads will speed up the end of life for the replaceable vitals.

The target is life like and fun to shoot. They measure true to life size by the body depth.  All the targets show the animal in a turned position. Real life measurements are as follows:

Whitetail 17 ¾”

Mule Deer 19”

Rocky Mtn. Elk 29”


I feel it is a great target to practice with prior to heading out Elk or Deer hunting to get a feel for your shot placement and sizing the animal up for distance shooting.  Big Sky Real Targets are available in Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail and Whitetail Doe Decoys.




Overall, I found the target made of quality materials and so far has withstood whatever Mother Nature has thrown at it. I have shot quite a bit, especially into the vitals, which can be replaced, but it hasn’t even began to show wear. I have been able to shoot from distances up to 60 yds. to see how well my shot placement is if and when I get to go elk hunting.  It is also a change from shooting at a cube or bag all the time and makes for quite a discussion piece when people first see it standing in my back yard.

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