Gear Review: Fatboy Lamzac Lounge


By: Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

Comfort…yep, this one has it.  What is it? Well, simply put it is a huge dual “dry bag” that you fill with air by opening the large mouth end and ‘scooping’ in air. Ahh?  You still don’t get it?  Okay, so once you scoop the two fabric covered tubes full of air, you quickly close the mouth and roll the thick rubber lips three or four times and snap the latch together…Viola!  (“Waa laa” for the French language challenged). You have a seat, or lounge.

Fatboy Lamzac looks like two huge lips that you sit or lay down into. Comfortable …well, if I was laying in it now, it wouldn’t be long and all you would hear from me is snoring!  I love this lounge. There was a bit of a learning curve to fill it, but in a couple of minutes I figured out that you simply have to scoop the air instead of holding the mouth open and spinning. Scoop, scoop…full…and sleep!

The Fatboy is the original soft lounger and has a plastic bag like liner inside a nylon cover. The materials are good, but if you lay it on big stickers you will get a leak.  However, if you are more aware than a pineapple, you can easily avoid any problems.


Who will this lounge hold?—almost anyone!  I weigh a slight 270 pounds and there was no problem at all. Maximum capacity is 440 pounds if you choose to use it as a sofa for two people. The manufacturer notes that it should hold the air for around 5 hours, but mine never deflated to a point where I had to re-inflate it for a single use. The seat quickly and easily folds to be packed in its carry bag.  The 2.6 pound lounge stored is only 13.7” x 7.1”.   Choice of 5 different colors…$79— If you happen to come by an old guy sleeping on a bubble–I’ll be the Fatboy in the Green FatBoy lounge.  —

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