By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

After its inaugural launch in 2015, Horton Crossbow Innovations may be well on its way to building one of the industry’s top crossbow brands, and the Legend Ultra Lite may be its star player.

The crossbow measures 35.5” and with the help of its carbon-injected polymer barrel, it weighs a little over 7 pounds. With a 175-pound bow assembly and 12.9-inch power stroke, it shoots 330 feet per second and delivers 97 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.  This is prime crossbow power in my opinion. When you start getting over 350/360 feet per second, you start losing kinetic energy. I prefer the balance and performance like Legend Ultra Lite. The crossbow measures 18.375-inches when cocked, which is great for use in a ground blind. It was also great in the ladder stand, as most of the time I just rested it on my lap.


Assembly was quick and painless, but I have put a few crossbows together over the past 4.5 years. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, let a trained professional put it together for you and then take it home and enjoy.  Overall, on ease of assembly, I would give the Legend Ultra Lite a 4 out 5, with 5 being you can do it blind folded (although I would never suggest you put any crossbow together blindfolded).


Also included in the package is:

Instant-detach 3-arrow over3 carbon arrows with practice tips

A cocking rope can be purchased separately.

The 4X32 Multi-Line Scope is 8.5” long  with coated lenses and features three duplex crosshairs calibrated for 20, 30 and 40 yards. There is also a partial fourth  line for 50 yard shots. Very quick and simple to calibrate. Out of the box the crossbow was within 6” of the bullseye. With just a few adjustment of the scope I was hitting bullseyes. Total time to sight in may have taken 20 minutes tops. The scope is crystal clear even during low light times when you are most likely to take a shot. No fogging up and the lens clean up nicely.


One of the nicer features of this crossbow is the ABX stock, which gives you the ability to adjust the cheek piece and butt. There are 7 cheek positions and 3 butt positions to make this crossbow custom fit for you.  Adjustments are quick and easy by just removing a few screws, adjusting the pieces and screwing back in.

The Ultra Lite is available with the ACUdraw, ACUdraw 50,or no cocking mechanism. I opted for no cocking mechanism, as I personally don’t like the ACUdraw50 with the draw rope for fear it will make noise.  Not saying it does, just don’t want to take that chance. It is, however, a nice feature to have the cocking rope built in. The ACUdraw is a crank system, and I haven’t any need for this, but it is great for those that can no longer physically draw the bow back.  The bow has been painless and smooth to draw back each time. But that’s me.


Crossbows have come a long way in the sound area. Although not as quiet as a compound bow, they are a lot quieter than they use to be.  The Ultra Lite is no exception.

Being a compound bow user, I did need to practice a bit and make sure I delivered a smooth slow pull on the trigger to hit my target accurately but the trigger was smooth and crisp.

This experience has been quite an eye opener for someone who never used a crossbow. With shoulder surgery this past summer, the only way I was getting out this year was to use a crossbow.  Thanks to the good people at TenPoint, I was able to kill two birds with one stone and I am really pleased to note I did take a deer this past season with my Horton.


Overall, I have enjoyed the time spent with the crossbow. It has been a positive experience and I know one day I may need to go to a crossbow full time. With the knowledge I have gained over the past 4.5 years working on and with crossbows and getting this opportunity to use the Legend Ultra Lite, I am not nearly as apprehensive as I use to be. The new Horton Crossbow Innovations crossbows are well worth taking a look at.

Check out the Horton Crossbow Innovations Legend Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package at Amazon for pricing, more reviews, and additional information or go to Horton Crossbow Innovations.

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