By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

If you haven’t checked out a Wildgame Innovations camera in while, you may be surprised. I was.   The Vision 8 was a surprisingly a nice camera and easy to setup. Meaning, I can do the guy thing and never look at the directions to set it up.  Overall, it is just a typical trail camera for just a hair over a $100.00. The specs are pretty common for a trail cam priced this much. See below for the specs on this camera.




  • 8 MP
  • 65′ Illumination/Detection Range
  • 36 Piece Invisible Infared Lens
  • Wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio image option
  • 1/2 second rapid trigger speed
  • Photo and video (30sec) capabilities
  • Up to 32GB SD/SDHC card (card not included)
  • Water resistant and weather endurable
  • Built in cable lock compatible system (cable not included)
  • Lockable door design (lock not included)
  • Uses 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Can be mounted by strap or bungee cords (strap included)

Now, with that said, most trail cameras these days have a lot of detail control over what you can do, but for a camera barely breaking the $100.00 price point it does a great job doing what it is supposed to.

65 ft. of illumination is pretty good and no burn out if the subject was closer than the 65 ft. 36 infrared LED lights is pretty normal, although black lights are the preferred and with lighting up that far you will need them to get some detail of your subject at that distance. The lockable door option is a way of keeping honest people honest.  If they want it, they can take the whole thing and that is where the built in cable lock is nice. Of course the lock and cable are not included. Typical 32 GB card and 8 AA batteries all typical with most game cameras these days.  Mega Pixel is a selling point, to give you a perspective an 8 mega pixel pic will blow up to 11 X 14 without pixilation.  So, sometimes paying for a lot of pixels isn’t really worth it.  Also, more pixels does give you technically a nice pic, but are you using them for family portraits, mounting them in frames or putting them in competitions?  If not, then use the money to get other features. 8 MP is about the lowest most game cameras go now.  There are a couple that are like the original 2 or 3 MP, but sell for a whole lot more.

Overall, I have used a lot of different trail cameras and for the first time using a Wildgame Innovations Camera I have to say I was not disappointed but surprised. Please note, there are 4 cameras in the Vision line. All are 8-MP, but they come in either standard or Tru-Bark finish and either standard white LED flash or invisible LightsOut black IR flash. I will continue to use it and see how well it holds up and not having used it in the late fall and winter season it will be good to see how it reacts to that type of weather.

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