Just because a hunting blind is made with camouflage material doesn’t mean it necessarily blends into its environment. Even when you take the time to brush in a stick-and-leaves camo blind, you’re only accounting for one aspect of a big buck’s defenses – his sense of sight. Enter the SOLO™ blind from Nature Blinds, the only blind that counters all of a buck’s defenses: vision, hearing and smell.

It starts with Nature Blinds’ exclusive ultra-realistic, 3-D bark texture. The SOLO looks and feels just like a mature oak tree trunk and instantly blends into any environment. Made from the same durable, high-density foam as trees and rocks in Hollywood blockbusters – no other blind looks as natural as the SOLO.

In addition to looking great, the SOLO is quiet. The same characteristics that make it look real, also absorb sound. This can help minimize the effects of bumping a firearm or bow against the side, floor or window opening. Sound is muffled even more by the carpeted floor.

The SOLO is also one of the few blinds on the market that foils scent, the number one defense mechanism for all big game species. Because it is weather proof, it keeps human scent inside and keeps your stand site fresh and effective throughout a long hunting season. Additionally, the SOLO remains comfortably insulated even in extreme cold temperatures due to its high-density foam.

In addition to its game-confounding features, the SOLO is designed to help you be more successful. Multiple vantage points provide shots to almost any direction, and the silent-slide windows don’t draw attention when being opened or closed.

Remaining hidden is the key to enjoying a successful hunt from a ground blind. Only the SOLO has the exclusive Nature Blinds construction and features that work to defeat all of a big buck’s defenses. The SOLO is the perfect size for one hunter with lots of gear, or it still big enough to bring along a little hunter on their first hunt.



Nature Blinds SOLO Features:

  • Multiple vantage points
  • Fully locking doors
  • Carpeted floor
  • Realistic Bark texture
  • Exterior Height – 83 ½”
  • Exterior Diameter – 65 ½”
  • Interior Height – 79″
  • Interior Diameter – 57″
  • Weight – 250 pounds

To learn more, please visit www.natureblinds.com.