Choosing the right ground blind chair for your blind. Ground Blinds are a tool and technology to use in your hunting arsenal. Their ability to get a hunter concealed anywhere, in any habitat or situation, with any species of the endless game we hunt makes them a necessity almost each and every year. When it comes to ground blinds bigger is better, more room means more gear, more people, or easier shooting whatever the situation may be. The one thing that hinders big blinds is the struggle to be portable and be on the move.


Here are some ground blind hunting tips that could make your ground blind hunting more successful. A big part of ground blind hunting is comfort and use. Ground blind chairs are a young man’s game. Most blind chairs are unstable, too high, and uncomfortable. They cause you to lean into the window to see and can be a hassle and a main proponent of why and how a hunt can go wrong as game approaches the set. David Holder discusses the accessories you need in the blind to execute successful hunting, a big part of that is using the right chair. Most ground blind chairs are simply too high, so ingenuity is needed. A chair that is easy to pack but about 8 inches off the ground is desired by ground blind hunters. This allows you to be comfortable, but is functional for seeing out the windows. This is a quick ground blind tip that can help you accessorize your ground blind for hunting success.


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