Murphy’s Law says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and that’s why Bloodsport created the most simple and fail-proof expandable broadhead on the market, the Night Fury™.

While the current trend in expandables seems to include extra blades and even fixed blades, the Night Fury embodies a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy. The reason expandables are more accurate than fixed-blade heads is they have less exposed surface area to catch and resist wind. The Night Fury’s patented cross-opening blade design reduces the amount of exposed blade surface, even over competing expandables.


Despite its simple look, some serious engineering went into creating the Night Fury. The cross-opening blade system requires less energy to deploy and creates big 1 ?-inch holes. With fewer moving parts than other heads, every detail of the Night Fury was considered. This resulted in innovations like the swept-back kickout blades, which are sharpened to the tips to start cutting immediately and help open the hole for greater penetration. Best of all, the Night Fury blades stay in place during flight with no rubber bands or O-rings.

Also in keeping with the simple-is-better theme, the Night Fury employs a bone-splitting chisel tip to power through ribs and other bone while creating less deflection.

In this age of flash and gadgetry, it’s nice to know bowhunters still have an expandable broadhead choice that doesn’t require an owner’s manual to figure out. Get a pack of Bloodsport Night Fury heads, screw them onto your arrows and go get a big buck. Whoever said bowhunting had to be complicated?

Night Fury™ Features:

  • Bone-splitting chisel tip
  • 1 ?-inch cross-opening curved mechanical blades
  • Fixed-blade mode
  • Patented blade retention system keeps blades closed until impact
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • Choice of 100-grain or 125-grain heads

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