Grim Reaper is excited to announce the launch of its new Pro Series broadheads, and that delivery to our dealers have already started going out. The Pro Series line will be available exclusively to retailers with Pro shop services. The initial shipping will be limited to the Carni-Four mechanical, and the Pro 3-Blade mechanical.


Carni-Four Closed

Carni-Four Closed for flight

Carni-Four Open for business

Carni-Four Open for business

The new Carni-Four, 1 ½” x 1 ¼” mechanical with innovative Staggered Blade Technology, that will change the mechanical world forever. It has an awesome 2.75” Linear cut, and will result in the largest 4-blade entrance hole on the market and an incredible “square” wound channel for easy tracking.


The deadly Pro Series 3-Blade

The deadly Pro Series 3-Blade

The Pro 3-Blade is based on our original all around workhorse, with 40-degree swept blades for better penetration and our new Pro Series tip.

All of our Pro Series Mechanicals feature the NEW Pro Tip and “Snap Cup” design which holds all components in place for easy installation on your arrows. Super strong razor sharp .035 stainless steel blades. No bands, 0-rings, or clips, and blades will stay closed out of the fastest bows and crossbows, yet open smoothly on impact!

The other Pro Series mechanical is the Pro Whitetail Special and it will begin shipping before September 1, along with our Pro Series line of fixed blade, Pro Hades, and Micro Hades.

The Carni-Four, the Pro 3-Blade, and the Pro Whitetail Special are available in both 100gr. And 125 gr. Weights.


Grim Reaper Owner Jay Leichty proudly shows off his newest, most devastating broadheads yet.

Grim Reaper’s  Owner Jay Liechty proudly shows off his newest, most devastating broadheads yet.

Grim Reaper President and Designer, Jay Liechty , says “ Years of innovation, testing and improvements have brought us to the new PRO SERIES broadheads. This is a new powerful line of mechanicals and fixed blade broadheads, that lifts our proven broadhead designs to the next level. It starts with a greatly improved “ Pro Tip “, the sharpest, cut-on-contact, bone crushing tip we have ever designed.

' Pro Tip' - the sharpest, cut-on-contact, bone crushing tip ever from Grim Reaper.

‘ Pro Tip’ – the sharpest, cut-on-contact, bone crushing tip ever from Grim Reaper.

They feature a variety of cut diameters, grain weights, and blade configurations to fit any set-up imaginable. We guarantee there is something in the Pro Series lineup that will enhance your bowhunting experience and add a level of confidence you have only hoped for in the past. We hope you have the chance to experience the new level of performance engineered into the Pro Series. I personally feel it embodies the most significant advance in mechanical broadhead design in over a decade! “

To learn more about our new Pro Series, and where to buy them, visit us at : , or call us 801-377-6199.