Sponsored by: Black Eagle Arrows

By: Brian R. Kightlinger

By: Brian R. Kightlinger

Cool brisk morning, wind in my face

Walking in the dark to my elevated place

Climbing up high with much anticipation

Doing everything slowly to stop perspiration

Strapping in tight for safety is a must

Spraying down with Essence of Fall so the day is not a bust

Morning prayers said, sun coming up

Mind begins to wonder about that giant elusive buck

Bow on the hanger, breath in the air

Crunching of leaves, eyes begin to stare

Closer and closer, louder they come

Tall tine antlers, where did you come from?

Grabbing my bow and hooking my release

Grunting out loud breaks up the peace

The Monarch he stops dead in his tracks

I’ve come to full draw there is no turning back

Finding my spot the arrows released

The Carnivore flies through the air and right through the Beast

My heart begins racing as he runs out of sight

I control my emotions with all of my might

The waiting is torture but it must be done

Blood trailing a Big Buck is so much fun

Finding my arrow and locating blood

I slowly begin to follow what looks like a flood

10 yards, 20 yards, 50 yards and more

Looking ahead, there he rests on the forest floor

The Monarch is dead, I thank the good Lord

The meat is good food, his antlers my reward

Phone calls to friends, high fives, and big smiles

Photos are taken to add to my files

The Monarch will live forever on my wall

Brining great memories on the day of his fall

Sponsored by: Black Eagle Arrows

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