No Limit Archery’s Ringer release is the first hunting release aid to bring target archery accuracy to the hunting market. This innovative hand-held release combines the best features of a target release with the control of a hunting release and the security of a wrist strap.

Back-tension target releases are so accurate because they force the shooter to concentrate on holding over the bullseye until the shot. As much as hunters would like to have the kind of accuracy produced by back-tension releases, they can’t afford to give up the control to make a shot happen at a specific time – like when a buck stops in a small opening or finally steps out from behind a tree.

No Limit Archery’s Ringer has a trigger in the ring finger slot that provides an instant-fire control, while also providing the choice of increasing pressure to make it fire. If a hunter has the extra time to make a shot, he can choose to slowly increase tension on the pull, putting pressure on the ring finger to make the Ringer fire like a back-tension release.

The Ringer’s unique design incorporates a top-quality wrist strap that solves those typical hand-held release problems (like dropping it from a stand or forgetting about it in a pack), while putting zero torque or tension on the hand-held portion of the release.

One of the Ringer’s accuracy-enhancing features is its perfect fit. The ergonomic shape not only feels natural, it also encourages the exact same hold for every shot. That means you’ll have the same angle of pull and twist on your D-loop every time.

The Ringer’s trigger also has two adjustment points so it can be tuned for any shooter’s preference. Three different gauge trigger springs (from light to extra heavy) are available, as well as an Allen key adjustment to fine tune trigger tension.

Finally, No Limit’s revolutionary X3 trigger coating provides a smoother pull and higher corrosion resistance.

Bowhunting is all about give and take, but thanks to innovations in both design and materials, archers are able to get more and give up less. No Limit’s Ringer release aid is a perfect example. The Ringer is the only hunting release that combines back-tension accuracy with the control and security of a wrist-strap hunting release.

No Limit


No Limit Ringer Features:

  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Optional thumb peg included
  • Includes two trigger springs (light and heavy)
  • Extra heavy trigger spring available separately
  • Choose from black, blue or red
  • Made in the USA

For more information, please visit www.nolimitarchery.com.